Sep 11, 2012

This Child

Well that was fun.  August came and went...and well September is half way over.  I just cannot believe how fast this summer has flown by!  I have to tell you dear friends, that I have missed blogging oh, soo much!

It's true!

I didn't realize just how much I enjoy it and how much I need it until I have spent the last couple of months not doing it!  I have wanted to write, to keep you all up to date and to get my thoughts out - as sleep deprived as those thoughts may be - but our little man is a sweet snuggler and we spend many hours a day holding him close.


There are worse ways to spend a day!

But that has left me little time to do two handed things - like blog....and laundry! ;) hahah!  But little Joe is getting older and changing so quickly.  He has hit the more wakeful, cooing, smiling, alertness stage and I am enjoying it greatly!

I struggle with wanting to hold him all day long and wanting to have to arms again.  It's a constant battle - do I 'train' him to sleep in his bed, instilling good habits young or enjoy these fleeting days of sweet slumber in the security of my arms?

If only the world would stop for these quickly passing days so I could bask in this baby love!  That the world would wait and oh the laundry, if only it could wait too and that I would have no guilt to sit and snuggle the day away.  So I have prayed about it and talked it over with my husband and I have looked carefully at all my motives and I have come to conclude this: 

They are only babies once but life does go on, so enjoy each moment!  Soak in the snugly times and know that they will not last forever and when I can get him to nap on his own then I can 'worry' about other things.  I am so blessed right now that my hubby has until the middle of November off for parental leave - so even though Joseph is our third baby and usually you don't get to hold subsequent babies as much as the first, I get to enjoy more of these sweet moments with having hubby home to help out.

So life with a newborn is a beautiful thing...a tiring, exhausting, challenging, rewarding, miraculous, wonderful thing!  Both hubby and I are starting to finally realize that we are actually the parents to three children now and how amazed we are at that fact!  We are so greatly enjoying these baby days, our growing girls, sweet summer evenings, endless weekend mode, country life, family, friends and all that each day brings.

Summer is drawing quickly to a close and the crisp fall days are quietly settling in.  I have struggled this summer, in both physical and emotional ways but the Lord has carried me through it all.  He has been so good to me and I am grateful to our glorious Lord for all His love and compassion.  I have neglected Him though, not being true to devotional time with Him, to not meeting Him each day or even attempting to.  And though I could hide behind the fact that it's "life with a newborn", I will not.  I will come before the Lord and repent.  I will ask Him to forgive me and ask Him to help my focus be true.

I will also thank Him.  Thank Him for His forgiveness, His grace and His mercy.  I will thank Him for all the little ways He has shown me He cares for me.  I will thank Him for the love around me, of dear family, sweet friends and an amazing church family!  I will thank Him for all He does for me each and every day.

And I will thank Him, especially, for Joe!

For this child I prayed, and the Lord
has granted me my petition that I made to Him.
1 Samuel 1:27


  1. That little fella is one heck of a cutie!!! Glad you're having a great time basking in the baby cuddles :-D

  2. Oooh. He is so adorable. I too, found the summer busy and crazy. I got up early this morning and had a long devotional time and settled into the fact that I need more (and more) time in the presence of Jesus without the bustle of life cutting it I am trying to get up a half hour earlier and trying to spend less time on computer. That said, blogging is great, yes, and I will get back to mine soon. Enjoy your day on that beautiful sunshiny farm. Love, MAG

  3. Girl, he is the epitome of preciousness! Love that last color picture. As for blogging, I've just about forgotten all about it. And I think I'm ok with that. ;)

  4. hello sweet me again so i can forward it to katie for your ebook...sorry!


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