Oct 27, 2012

Music and Me

Well, I'm sure by now you have noticed I once again have music on my blog!  I must say I'm quite happy to have it here again!

I had it for a while until...oh I don't know about a year ago something changed and I was no longer able to have a music player on my blog.  Something to do with licensing regulations, me living in Canada and what have you.  Anyways, I had searched for sometime to find a player that would work and low, I could not!

But as you can now see (and hear!) I am once again musicified! (Making up my own words is one of my favourite things about blogging! haha!) 

And I have to tell you that I'm just so tickled pink to be blogging with music again.  You see - music is so, sooo, SOOOO important to me!!!  I love, LOVE it!!! Hence the music man I married! ;)  I just cannot live without it!!!

I love it so, so much that I have always hated the question, "Which would you give up if you had to; your ears or your eyes?"  As in, could you live without hearing or without seeing?  And, as a visual artist you think I'd automatically say, "I'd live without my ears!"  But it's not so...I find my sight and sound so interconnected - I couldn't live without either!

You would find - if you took the opportunity to come visit (and please do!), that rarely would you enter my home and not hear music!  It's true...I really do love it so! 

My dad was a big fan of music...I think I inherited my love of it from him!  And like him, I enjoy a wide, WIDE range of taste in styles of it.  I mean, I certainly have my favourites but I can really appreciate all sorts of styles!

So having the ability to play music on my blog - well it's just the cat's meow (okay, so apparently for whatever reason, I'm on a big obscure sayings kick right now...forgive me!?!)  I usually write my posts to music - getting a 'feel' for my post from the music I'm listening to, which should not surprise me because I cannot create a piece of art without good music to listen to!

I love how music welcomes you in, wraps it's self around you, surrounding you like an old blanket; familiar, comforting and warm.  It can stir something deep inside you...stir you like nothing else.  It can invoke pure joy, bring out heart ache, release anger, encourage quite thoughts or can just keep you moving when you need that extra energy.

Music is a language.......a language for the soul.

Yes, I'm that passionate about it!

So, dear friends - you are starting to see why having it here makes me just so peachy keen! ;) When I select a song to play, I want it to set the mood for the post - to help invoke thoughts and feelings.  It's hard over the internet to exactly convey my thoughts and feelings and using music gives you a better insight into the tone of my post and a bit more about me.  It's not necessarily even about the words of the songs, just the feelings of the song themselves but I do consider the words too!  And for those that can't read while music is playing...well just enjoy the playlist on it's own when you can!

I know this may seem like a lot...a lot of effort for a simple blog post.  Heck, it's hard enough to find the time to actually take the photos, up load them, get them ready to post, write the actual post and publish it, let a lone add that 'just right' song - but I love it...oh I do!  And yes, there will be times when I may not change the music...or find that 'just right' song to play - but you'll all forgive me just the same - because I realize that time does not always allow for finding 'just the right' song and that in order to post at all I might have to fore go that bit - 'cause you all know how much time I have had for blogging as of late! :p   But if I can help it, I will have just that right, set the mood, create the tone, song for you to enjoy! :)

I think it all has something to do with the little known fact that I secretly would love to direct a movie!  No, seriously!  I would!  I love the idea of pictures and music working together....creating feelings, emotions and messages....*sigh*  I'm one crazy dreamer!  But if I had to opportunity to do it...I would!

So there you have it - music and me...in a nut shell! I have a hard time putting it all into words but I think that describes how I feel quite well! And I love how God knows all about music, He created it after all!  And truly there is little better then worshipping Him in song ....

....now if only I could sing!



Oh and P.S. dear friends - this marks my 200th post!  Praise be to God - because I can (only) do all things through Christ who strengthens me!


Oct 21, 2012

He is good...

Well us here, north of the boarder, celebrated our Thanksgiving already and fortunate for my hubby and I, we got two whole weekends of it!
Chalkboard art - I find it slightly addicting! ;)
The first weekend was spent with my mom and her partner and then with my in-laws.  Both dinners were very enjoyable!  The weather was fantastic, it actually didn't rain for the first weekend in some time, there was good conversation and the food was tasty - and well I didn't cook or clean up a thing - so that made it all the more enjoyable!
The following weekend it was our turn to 'host'. (This is where I did all kinds of cooking and cleaning - see, it all evens out! haha!)  My step-mom, step-sister and our nephew came.  And I'll just pause to clarify a small point - for those that have been reading for some time, this might be repeat or refresher but either way.  I write 'step' mom and 'step' sister to clarify to you which of my family I am referring to.  But my step-mom and step-sister have been apart of my life as far back as I can remember.  We are a close family and I thank God for them! ♥
Okay, moving on - so this being the first Thanksgiving since the passing of my dad we knew it would be....different.  It was also the first Thanksgiving in our new home - so we soaked in our country surroundings and put on a feast.



The table was set, full of fall flare! 

The turkey, cooked to perfection, was paired with an array of veggies, cranberries, gravy, and orange salad - our family's classics!

And only because I wanted to show you that I don't do everything and that, yes, I am a real woman who will, on occasion, purchase instead of bake - here is a picture of our, that's right - store bought - pumpkin pie!

It was DELICIOUS!!! And, yes, I did take it out of the box and place it in my glass pie dish - just to make it look more authentic!

HA! ;)

And of course a picture of our darling nephew, who is still 'manly' enough, even with a butterfly headband on!

All in all, we had a good day....like I said things were different....I know we each felt my dad's absence....it's still tough....I think it's actually much tougher now then it has been all along....but the Lord continues to carry me through it all - not saying everyday is good, no...far from it...but I know He is there and without Him......I don't know where I would be....!

So with that being said, there is still much to be thankful for!  And the Lord knows, I am thankful!
With satisfied stomachs and family headed home, we stole some moments, even though the sky was gray, to take our 'annual' family photo.  My sister-in-law pointed out the fact that we always take a family photo in the fall...I thought her crazy; at first...but then when I actually thought about it, she was right! 
Completely unintentional, but yes, it seems that every fall we pull ourselves together to get at least one good family photo done!  And low, here is this years;

And it's not even photoshopped! hahah! ;)  
And then our 'luck' held out and I got a great shot of just the kids!  That made for one happy photographing momma!
And so I must leave you now...I only have about a billion things to do this week - hubby returns to work in three (short) weeks, *sob*, still have to 'settle' into our new(ish) home, I'm finishing up plans and preparations for my sister-in-law's baby shower that I am hosting next weekend,  the laundry...oh the laundry...it is never done, I have undertaken not one, but two bible studies and I just completed the first of two family photo shoots for my photography business - which means oodles of editing ahead of me! 
But I will be back - small milestone ahead - the next post will be my 200th post!  Might not seem like much to some of you - but for me that's amazing - remember, I'm the girl who can't keep a journal to save her life and who never thought the written word was her friend!
Okay off to be productive but enjoy this last photo - it's my 'backyard' view! 

 Oh the Lord is good, He is sooo good!


Oct 14, 2012

Let the Hobby Farming Begin!

So, I left you dangling in suspense with that last post eh?!?  Wondering for days now, what that crate could have contained???

What?  You didn't even think about it until now?  Or you're asking yourself, "What on earth is she talking about???" 

Okay...never mind....either way here's what were brought home in that crate my hubby made!


That's right - we are a real 'working' hobby farm now!!!  Crazy right???  From city slicking to pig wrangling in a mere four months!  It's unreal!  We figured we'd start with chickens or something, never thinking pigs - but the Lord just seemed to lead us this way.  So our adventure has started with pigs!

And this, shall be their humble abode.

With a little work hubby got it into ship shape for the arrival of our little piglets.  We had hoped to pasture them but that doesn't seem possible this year.  Anyways they have a good amount of space and they will be safe and warm!
Did we name them you ask?  Well of course! 
Introducing, from left to right;
Bacon (said in a bad French accent)
Pas Poulet (basically pronounced "Paw Poolay" - it means "Not Chicken" in French.)
and Stanley!

They have grown a lot since I took these photos!  And sorry...but yes, if all goes well, we will be selling and eating these little guys come late winter.  So far it has been a real leaning experience!  We are getting our feet 'wet' in this whole hobby farming adventure and so far so good.  Pigs are surprisingly easy to take care of!

And NO, we are not reading "Charlotte's Web" to the girls any time soon!
So nothing much more profound to say - other then it's nice that we are actually setting forth with what we had hoped to do when we moved here!  It's weird having 'live stock' now but it's neat too!  I'll keep you all posted on how it goes!  And if you think about it - a little prayer now and again for us is always appreciated!
Soooo just thought I'd finish here with some photos of our other barn.  Why?  Because I like it, it was a nice day to take some pictures...and well because I can!

View from the other side.  I'm standing under this most amazing old oak tree - I just love it...I'll have to take a picture of it some time!

I know vines are bad for buildings but I love how they look on our old barn!

And last but not least a picture of our field, (the long grass one) and the field that belongs to our neighbour.  Full of beautiful Ontario fall colours!!

And if you like that - just wait!  I have some more to show you!  Fall is here and even though it seems to have brought with it all the rain that we missed this summer, I am thoroughly enjoying it!

God bless!


Oct 5, 2012

Summer Send-off

Okay...so summer is over....like waay over....like I've already made some of this years batch of pumpkin puree over!

But I wanted to share a bit of our summer fun.

With a new baby, moving, still working through issues of grief, daily life adventures and what have yous - our summer flew by!  I did not capture as much on 'film' as I would have liked and as I have stated I did not blog nearly as much as I would have liked.

But we made it though the drought, the hot hot days, the power outages, and well; we'll just say we had an all around enjoyable summer!

There were early mornings....

 .....many early mornings!


There were visits from family, both far and close - come to meet a sweet new nephew!

 We enjoyed fantastic full moons!

And visits from my own sweet cheeked nephew!

 And on those rare occasion when we actually made it out to church, we partook in baptisms....


...baby showers.... 

 ...and sun hats for church picnics!

We enjoyed clouds!

And yes, there were days for running in the grass....until the drought that is.... ;)

And oh there were sunsets - soooo many sunsets to enjoy!

 And there were quiet afternoons indoors.

 Oh and of course a sweet baby boy - whole stole our hearts and our arms! ;)  A cuddly, blue eyed, loves to be snuggled, baby boy who has taught us many a lessons and is a great joy in our lives!

But there was so much to say - to write...to remember.  These photos captured the essence of a fast and 'over much too soon' summer!  I wanted to write and talk about how amazing it felt to watch our two best friends stand in a public place and declare their commitment to the Lord.  Write about hearing their testimonies and knowing how God worked though all of us to bring them to that point and then seeing them "come to the water"!  

I wanted to share the fun with visiting family - from good food, great coffee and chopping down trees!  I needed to share how our church blessed us immensely with a heart warming, loving and giving baby shower!  How it touched our hearts and our spirit and how we have such an amazing church family!

 I had hoped to touch on some of the sweet moments with our children.  Of watching them grow and change and of all the small, yet amazing blessings we have seen since moving to the country.  I also needed to put my heart out there again - with it's aching, tiredness and pain.  Of not realizing how much one can hurt and how hard loss can be.

But the days have come and gone...oh how they have gone....


 ....and I sit here on the cusp of our Canadian Thanksgiving and I am reliving the sweet and not so sweet memories of the fleeting days of summer.  Maybe when the winter winds come and the snow piles up, I will write more on these past days.  Expressing the things that time did not allow me to make room for and divulging on the big and little things that pressed on my heart and mind these past few months.

But time marches on and fall has settled in and with it brings new adventures!

So I leave you with a brief glimpse of what filled my days and stole me away from blogging these past few months.  I also leave you with a hint....call it a tease of what these autumn days have brought and the hope of even better days ahead....

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11



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