Oct 21, 2012

He is good...

Well us here, north of the boarder, celebrated our Thanksgiving already and fortunate for my hubby and I, we got two whole weekends of it!
Chalkboard art - I find it slightly addicting! ;)
The first weekend was spent with my mom and her partner and then with my in-laws.  Both dinners were very enjoyable!  The weather was fantastic, it actually didn't rain for the first weekend in some time, there was good conversation and the food was tasty - and well I didn't cook or clean up a thing - so that made it all the more enjoyable!
The following weekend it was our turn to 'host'. (This is where I did all kinds of cooking and cleaning - see, it all evens out! haha!)  My step-mom, step-sister and our nephew came.  And I'll just pause to clarify a small point - for those that have been reading for some time, this might be repeat or refresher but either way.  I write 'step' mom and 'step' sister to clarify to you which of my family I am referring to.  But my step-mom and step-sister have been apart of my life as far back as I can remember.  We are a close family and I thank God for them! ♥
Okay, moving on - so this being the first Thanksgiving since the passing of my dad we knew it would be....different.  It was also the first Thanksgiving in our new home - so we soaked in our country surroundings and put on a feast.



The table was set, full of fall flare! 

The turkey, cooked to perfection, was paired with an array of veggies, cranberries, gravy, and orange salad - our family's classics!

And only because I wanted to show you that I don't do everything and that, yes, I am a real woman who will, on occasion, purchase instead of bake - here is a picture of our, that's right - store bought - pumpkin pie!

It was DELICIOUS!!! And, yes, I did take it out of the box and place it in my glass pie dish - just to make it look more authentic!

HA! ;)

And of course a picture of our darling nephew, who is still 'manly' enough, even with a butterfly headband on!

All in all, we had a good day....like I said things were different....I know we each felt my dad's absence....it's still tough....I think it's actually much tougher now then it has been all along....but the Lord continues to carry me through it all - not saying everyday is good, no...far from it...but I know He is there and without Him......I don't know where I would be....!

So with that being said, there is still much to be thankful for!  And the Lord knows, I am thankful!
With satisfied stomachs and family headed home, we stole some moments, even though the sky was gray, to take our 'annual' family photo.  My sister-in-law pointed out the fact that we always take a family photo in the fall...I thought her crazy; at first...but then when I actually thought about it, she was right! 
Completely unintentional, but yes, it seems that every fall we pull ourselves together to get at least one good family photo done!  And low, here is this years;

And it's not even photoshopped! hahah! ;)  
And then our 'luck' held out and I got a great shot of just the kids!  That made for one happy photographing momma!
And so I must leave you now...I only have about a billion things to do this week - hubby returns to work in three (short) weeks, *sob*, still have to 'settle' into our new(ish) home, I'm finishing up plans and preparations for my sister-in-law's baby shower that I am hosting next weekend,  the laundry...oh the laundry...it is never done, I have undertaken not one, but two bible studies and I just completed the first of two family photo shoots for my photography business - which means oodles of editing ahead of me! 
But I will be back - small milestone ahead - the next post will be my 200th post!  Might not seem like much to some of you - but for me that's amazing - remember, I'm the girl who can't keep a journal to save her life and who never thought the written word was her friend!
Okay off to be productive but enjoy this last photo - it's my 'backyard' view! 

 Oh the Lord is good, He is sooo good!



  1. You're little guy (not so little anymore) is a splitting image of his two sisters. I can't tell which one he looks more like.

    Beautiful family. Beautiful photos. Beautiful you.

  2. Your thanksgiving decor was lovely! Hoping your last few weeks before Dave goes back to work will be blessed with good memories and that you can accomplish everything you'd like to as well!

  3. GREAT pics K! I can't believe how much all your kids have grown!
    Sounds like a beautiful celebration with family...and your beautiful new home!
    Take care.

  4. Thanks for stopping by!
    Homecoming is...
    a celebration..the students of the high school choose 5 gals and 5 guys to then be voted on for Homecoming King and Queen. Our school does this in the Fall and then again in Winter. The entire school district gets involved, in the Fall we have a parade and tailgating before the football game. They pick the King and Queen during half time of the game. It's an honor thing I guess?! Then on Saturday night after football game on Friday night...the kids have a dance at the school. Hope that explains it a little bit!

  5. How the time flies. Your hubby will miss being home as much as you will miss him. Love that view from your dining room. See you Saturday if not before.


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