Oct 14, 2012

Let the Hobby Farming Begin!

So, I left you dangling in suspense with that last post eh?!?  Wondering for days now, what that crate could have contained???

What?  You didn't even think about it until now?  Or you're asking yourself, "What on earth is she talking about???" 

Okay...never mind....either way here's what were brought home in that crate my hubby made!


That's right - we are a real 'working' hobby farm now!!!  Crazy right???  From city slicking to pig wrangling in a mere four months!  It's unreal!  We figured we'd start with chickens or something, never thinking pigs - but the Lord just seemed to lead us this way.  So our adventure has started with pigs!

And this, shall be their humble abode.

With a little work hubby got it into ship shape for the arrival of our little piglets.  We had hoped to pasture them but that doesn't seem possible this year.  Anyways they have a good amount of space and they will be safe and warm!
Did we name them you ask?  Well of course! 
Introducing, from left to right;
Bacon (said in a bad French accent)
Pas Poulet (basically pronounced "Paw Poolay" - it means "Not Chicken" in French.)
and Stanley!

They have grown a lot since I took these photos!  And sorry...but yes, if all goes well, we will be selling and eating these little guys come late winter.  So far it has been a real leaning experience!  We are getting our feet 'wet' in this whole hobby farming adventure and so far so good.  Pigs are surprisingly easy to take care of!

And NO, we are not reading "Charlotte's Web" to the girls any time soon!
So nothing much more profound to say - other then it's nice that we are actually setting forth with what we had hoped to do when we moved here!  It's weird having 'live stock' now but it's neat too!  I'll keep you all posted on how it goes!  And if you think about it - a little prayer now and again for us is always appreciated!
Soooo just thought I'd finish here with some photos of our other barn.  Why?  Because I like it, it was a nice day to take some pictures...and well because I can!

View from the other side.  I'm standing under this most amazing old oak tree - I just love it...I'll have to take a picture of it some time!

I know vines are bad for buildings but I love how they look on our old barn!

And last but not least a picture of our field, (the long grass one) and the field that belongs to our neighbour.  Full of beautiful Ontario fall colours!!

And if you like that - just wait!  I have some more to show you!  Fall is here and even though it seems to have brought with it all the rain that we missed this summer, I am thoroughly enjoying it!

God bless!



  1. Sure wish we'd live closer... we could "help out" with the butchering part of it.

    Yup! We do that too. Haven't raised any on "our" own. (I'm speaking of my sis and bro-in-law and Scott & I, together...)

    Have fun! Good meat - knowing where it came from, why there is nothing like it in the world. Really.
    One HINT. One word of advice. Get yourself a good vacuum sealer to package it if you're planning to do it yourself. Makes all the difference - to keepin' it longer in the freezer.

  2. Thanks Bevy - wish you lived closer too! And thanks for the tip on the vacuum sealer! I dont think we will be butchering these ones ourselves - but we hope to do it eventually! And yes, I 'm looking forward to tasting some home grown meat! ;)

  3. Love your new blog header!!

    And I'm excited for you guys and your farming pursuits, not to mention that our little guy will have cousins that live on a farm :)

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment. Thankfully I am back to somewhat normal pumping...not like it was but still slightly ahead. As soon as I have a second free hand I'll comment more. :)


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