Oct 27, 2012

Music and Me

Well, I'm sure by now you have noticed I once again have music on my blog!  I must say I'm quite happy to have it here again!

I had it for a while until...oh I don't know about a year ago something changed and I was no longer able to have a music player on my blog.  Something to do with licensing regulations, me living in Canada and what have you.  Anyways, I had searched for sometime to find a player that would work and low, I could not!

But as you can now see (and hear!) I am once again musicified! (Making up my own words is one of my favourite things about blogging! haha!) 

And I have to tell you that I'm just so tickled pink to be blogging with music again.  You see - music is so, sooo, SOOOO important to me!!!  I love, LOVE it!!! Hence the music man I married! ;)  I just cannot live without it!!!

I love it so, so much that I have always hated the question, "Which would you give up if you had to; your ears or your eyes?"  As in, could you live without hearing or without seeing?  And, as a visual artist you think I'd automatically say, "I'd live without my ears!"  But it's not so...I find my sight and sound so interconnected - I couldn't live without either!

You would find - if you took the opportunity to come visit (and please do!), that rarely would you enter my home and not hear music!  It's true...I really do love it so! 

My dad was a big fan of music...I think I inherited my love of it from him!  And like him, I enjoy a wide, WIDE range of taste in styles of it.  I mean, I certainly have my favourites but I can really appreciate all sorts of styles!

So having the ability to play music on my blog - well it's just the cat's meow (okay, so apparently for whatever reason, I'm on a big obscure sayings kick right now...forgive me!?!)  I usually write my posts to music - getting a 'feel' for my post from the music I'm listening to, which should not surprise me because I cannot create a piece of art without good music to listen to!

I love how music welcomes you in, wraps it's self around you, surrounding you like an old blanket; familiar, comforting and warm.  It can stir something deep inside you...stir you like nothing else.  It can invoke pure joy, bring out heart ache, release anger, encourage quite thoughts or can just keep you moving when you need that extra energy.

Music is a language.......a language for the soul.

Yes, I'm that passionate about it!

So, dear friends - you are starting to see why having it here makes me just so peachy keen! ;) When I select a song to play, I want it to set the mood for the post - to help invoke thoughts and feelings.  It's hard over the internet to exactly convey my thoughts and feelings and using music gives you a better insight into the tone of my post and a bit more about me.  It's not necessarily even about the words of the songs, just the feelings of the song themselves but I do consider the words too!  And for those that can't read while music is playing...well just enjoy the playlist on it's own when you can!

I know this may seem like a lot...a lot of effort for a simple blog post.  Heck, it's hard enough to find the time to actually take the photos, up load them, get them ready to post, write the actual post and publish it, let a lone add that 'just right' song - but I love it...oh I do!  And yes, there will be times when I may not change the music...or find that 'just right' song to play - but you'll all forgive me just the same - because I realize that time does not always allow for finding 'just the right' song and that in order to post at all I might have to fore go that bit - 'cause you all know how much time I have had for blogging as of late! :p   But if I can help it, I will have just that right, set the mood, create the tone, song for you to enjoy! :)

I think it all has something to do with the little known fact that I secretly would love to direct a movie!  No, seriously!  I would!  I love the idea of pictures and music working together....creating feelings, emotions and messages....*sigh*  I'm one crazy dreamer!  But if I had to opportunity to do it...I would!

So there you have it - music and me...in a nut shell! I have a hard time putting it all into words but I think that describes how I feel quite well! And I love how God knows all about music, He created it after all!  And truly there is little better then worshipping Him in song ....

....now if only I could sing!



Oh and P.S. dear friends - this marks my 200th post!  Praise be to God - because I can (only) do all things through Christ who strengthens me!



  1. I love your playlist too. I play it often while I am working in the kitchen, etc. I missed it while it was gone and am glad it is back. Good thing we have similar tastes too! Love, MAG

  2. I too am glad your playlist is back! I often leave it on after I check for a recent post. You have great taste and I love that there's always something playing when I come over to visit!

  3. It's SO TRUE, the profound effect that music can have on your mood, and soothe you when you're feeling down!! I was just thinking that last night. Music can be a jolt of coffee (lol) for a lazy brain and a balm for a weary soul!


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