Oct 5, 2012

Summer Send-off

Okay...so summer is over....like waay over....like I've already made some of this years batch of pumpkin puree over!

But I wanted to share a bit of our summer fun.

With a new baby, moving, still working through issues of grief, daily life adventures and what have yous - our summer flew by!  I did not capture as much on 'film' as I would have liked and as I have stated I did not blog nearly as much as I would have liked.

But we made it though the drought, the hot hot days, the power outages, and well; we'll just say we had an all around enjoyable summer!

There were early mornings....

 .....many early mornings!


There were visits from family, both far and close - come to meet a sweet new nephew!

 We enjoyed fantastic full moons!

And visits from my own sweet cheeked nephew!

 And on those rare occasion when we actually made it out to church, we partook in baptisms....


...baby showers.... 

 ...and sun hats for church picnics!

We enjoyed clouds!

And yes, there were days for running in the grass....until the drought that is.... ;)

And oh there were sunsets - soooo many sunsets to enjoy!

 And there were quiet afternoons indoors.

 Oh and of course a sweet baby boy - whole stole our hearts and our arms! ;)  A cuddly, blue eyed, loves to be snuggled, baby boy who has taught us many a lessons and is a great joy in our lives!

But there was so much to say - to write...to remember.  These photos captured the essence of a fast and 'over much too soon' summer!  I wanted to write and talk about how amazing it felt to watch our two best friends stand in a public place and declare their commitment to the Lord.  Write about hearing their testimonies and knowing how God worked though all of us to bring them to that point and then seeing them "come to the water"!  

I wanted to share the fun with visiting family - from good food, great coffee and chopping down trees!  I needed to share how our church blessed us immensely with a heart warming, loving and giving baby shower!  How it touched our hearts and our spirit and how we have such an amazing church family!

 I had hoped to touch on some of the sweet moments with our children.  Of watching them grow and change and of all the small, yet amazing blessings we have seen since moving to the country.  I also needed to put my heart out there again - with it's aching, tiredness and pain.  Of not realizing how much one can hurt and how hard loss can be.

But the days have come and gone...oh how they have gone....


 ....and I sit here on the cusp of our Canadian Thanksgiving and I am reliving the sweet and not so sweet memories of the fleeting days of summer.  Maybe when the winter winds come and the snow piles up, I will write more on these past days.  Expressing the things that time did not allow me to make room for and divulging on the big and little things that pressed on my heart and mind these past few months.

But time marches on and fall has settled in and with it brings new adventures!

So I leave you with a brief glimpse of what filled my days and stole me away from blogging these past few months.  I also leave you with a hint....call it a tease of what these autumn days have brought and the hope of even better days ahead....

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11



  1. Lovely and hey, music!! Your family is so beautiful. You must be bursting with Thankfulness. When your not blogging, its because you are doing 'life' and thats a great thing. Love you guys. Anita

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you...loved all the pics and how it showed a beautiful summer for you and your family in your new home!
    Those kids are growing so fast...precious.
    Take care K!

  3. May I 'borrow' the picture of Olivia reading in her room for my desk top background for a few days? MAG

  4. I LOVE the music!!!! heehee, the pictures aren't so bad either! Madilyn loves that first song. Nothing better then drinking coffee, reading about your bff and watching your child dance!!! Good morning! thank you!!!!

  5. What great photography Kaitlin!! That picture of Olivia having a quiet moment with the sun setting is SO PRECIOUS!

    Glad everything's marvelous on the farm :-D Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. I just came to your blog from Thoughts & Whatnot's.... I love your pictures, and can't wait to read more!


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