Nov 30, 2012

Easy Come, Easy Go!

And looks...and I no longer have music for my blog.

*big pout!*


If you got the chance, you would have read here about how much I LOVE music and how important it is to me and just how I really love to blog with it.

But now..... it's gone.


I don't know why but the site that hosted my play list says it is shut down - and well it took me long enough to find that site - I just don't have the gusto to go look for another music player.

So my blog shall remain music-less...for now....  ;)

In the mean time I shall delight you with photos!


We all like photos, now don't we?!?

Especially of a sweet baby boy...who's already FIVE MONTHS OLD?!??!?

Our little man has been chomping on everything lately....

....but we were still a bit surprised when his first tooth came in, just days before he turned five months old!  I know for some that isn't too early - but with our history of kids and teeth...well, we were shocked!  (see the My Family page for more on that story!)

He's getting so big.  He wants to sit up on his own but hasn't quite mastered it yet.  He is enjoying play much more and even has fun with a few favourite toys.  He is getting sillier too and we are working on getting more laughs out of him - our Joe is a serious boy....most of the time....

So we bounce between giggles and silly smiles to serious face and contemplative stares.







And well - he's just growing so fast!

Five months and already one tooth in and I think another any day now.  He is sleeping better at night and naps ONLY in his bed - HALLELUJAH!!!  He has sampled some solids and LOVES them...but I think we'll hold off of full introduction for just a little longer.  He is eager to roll over and is well on his way to doing so.  He melts my heart with wet, gooey 'kisses'!  And he adores his sisters and they adore him too, their "Handsome little man!"

He is a sweet cheeked little bean, who we love ever so dearly!

Oh and Joe is very happy that his cousin has finally arrived!  Welcome Joshua!

So things are moving along - the house is decorated and ready for Christmas...even if the weather isn't?!?!  I'll post some pics of our Happy Holiday Home in the Country soon and talked about my mixed emotions in this season.  I also have some ideas brewing and can't wait to share and I have a fantastic project to share with all of you. 

Music or not - I will blog along! 



Nov 21, 2012

What's in a name? - Joseph

And now our little Joseph Mario. Our third baby born, first son, who came into this world in the most surreal year of our lives!

If you want the whole story on Joseph you'll have to read it here in my post - The Story of Joe. But I will recap for those that don't want to post hop!

My hubby and I had come to a point where we wanted to commit everything to God. The Lord had been doing a work in our hearts and we knew that we had more to surrender and more to give the Lord. So after much prayer, study and conviction were were baptised together.
That brought 'great' changes in our lives. I say 'great' in quotations because well - great is a relative term, isn't it? Either way, the Lord worked in us, in many ways. One of those ways being the area of children, in regards to the ones we had and the ones we didn't. He moved in us the conviction of seeing our two sweet daughters as true blessings, yes even on the bad days! - and He also moved in us the notion that we took too much control and not enough trust in Him in the area of how many our family was to be numbered at.
So after repentance and prayer, our hearts began to change. And well God did some neat things and if you really want to know you'll just have to post hop over to that post to read it, because I'm just to lazy to type it all out again for yah! ;) lol!!
And in this post, I mentioned how I had asked God to remove any outside influences on our name choice for our baby.  I laid at His feet the choice and decision and told Him to take control, give peace and lead us in the final decision of our baby's name.

It was then that I paused to take in the gorgeous sunset before me. Snapping away with my camera and just enjoying the peace and tranquility around me, watching the sun sunk below the horizon.  Forgetting entirely about what I had just prayed and asked of God - pregnancy brain still at this point, remember?! haha! - I opened my bible.  It was there that God showed me, three times, in His word that our choice for Joseph, was to be the name for our son.
I know what you're thinking, easy to find Joseph three times in the bible - but when the last place God lead me to was the book of Amos - well you can be sure I was convinced!


And so how fitting we have named our sweet baby boy Joseph Mario.  We picked Joseph first for my husband's grandfather, but  it is also the name for my mom's dad, my step-mom's dad and my father's grandfather - who happened to be Giuseppe Mario - Giuseppe being the Italian version of Joseph and Mario being a family name passed through the generations - my dad's middle name was Mario as well. :)

Joseph - meaning: God shall increase - and oh how He has!  He has increased our sweet little family in the blessing that is Joseph but also our God shall increase more and more in our lives.  We have committed our ways to Him, to follow after Him and His ways - no matter the cost.

Mario - Manly, Warlike - I know, who names their son something with 'war' in it - I mean you're just asking for trouble then aren't you?  But with all the 'hurdles' this year has brought for our little family, I think having a warlike son, ready to fight for the Lord, with strength, determination and commitment, will be a good thing....a very much needed thing!

And so you have the stories of our littles' names.  The reasons and whys behind how we chose how God chose them...because like I said, had it been up to me you probably would have just read the stories of "Girl", "Girl 2" and "Boy"! ha!

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,
and favor is better than silver or gold.
Proverbs 22:1

What's in a name? - Olivia

What's in a name? - Catherine


Nov 20, 2012

What's in a name? - Catherine

Next is our sweet daughter Catherine Isabelle. Our second little blessing, our baby whom was too modest to reveal her gender during the ultrasound and thus our surprise baby.

So not knowing if this little one was a boy or girl we had to tackle coming up with two complete names that we both liked!

We liked how Olivia was named for a family member and thought we might stick with that for inspiration. We settled on a boy's name and then our girls name and set in to wait for this little one to show it's self and reveal which it would be.

Our girl's name was taken in memory of my step-aunt who passed away when she was only nineteen. My step mom, eighteen at the time and her sister were coming back from taking care of their horses when they were struck by a drunk driver.  (We'll just leave how I feel about drunk drivers out of this post...but let's say God gives grace and they should just be thankful I'm not Him!) So we picked Catherine in honour of her and because we both felt it was the perfect name for our (possibly) second daughter.

I had a c-section with Olivia - for "failure to progress" because, as I have stated before, apparently my babies are home bodies and don't want to vacate my womb! So the doctors scheduled a repeat section for my second baby. The date was set, our little bundle of joy would be here on the 20th of March - the first day of Spring!

So as my pregnancy was drawing to an end I was engrossed in reading Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. Ironically (for lack of a better term because I know irony is just another word for God's sense of humour!) the main character of the book is guessed it - Catherine!

So the week of the section was right around the corner and I'll never forget it - I was quietly reading, because remember I only have one small toddler at this point and back then I actually had time to read...quietly read at that! haha! Anyways I was reading when I came to this part in the book,

"On the anniversary of her (Catherine's) birth....This 20th of March was a beautiful spring day,"

"Dave" I called out to my hubby, "It's going to be a girl!"

And a week later our little Catherine was brought into this world. We were over-joyed and happy to bring home a baby sister for Olivia.

Catherine - meaning: Pure - *note Catherine is also the root name for my name - Kaitlin
Isabelle - meaning: God's promise

Nov 18, 2012

What's in a name? - Olivia

I while back I talked here about naming our kids - actually is was more like I briefly mentioned, how God worked in us and lead us in the naming of each of our precious gifts.  I had said I would tell you their stories one of these days...and well, today's the day!

I knew I wanted to share this with you because I love putting down how God takes care of all the little things and how He really is there on a very intimate and personal level!  That's one reason I enjoying blogging so much!  Because, for whatever reason, I can do this but cannot keep a diary/journal.  But here on my blog I can record all the workings of God in our lives and well, you get to enjoy them too!  Win win! ;)

Anyways...back to the point of this post.  Okay here goes...

What's in a name?

{ A lot - when you leave it up to God! ;) }

Well fist is our darling Olivia Jane.  Our first born, the ice breaker, eldest, we are 'learning on the fly' child.

And like many a new parents - when we discovered we were pregnant we broke out the lists of baby names.  We knew we wanted to find out the gender of our first baby but couldn't wait to start thinking of a name for him/her.

So we gathered a few favourites - names that both my hubby and I could agree on and listed them, boy and girl.  Then the ultra sound day came and our list was cut in half.  GIRL!  Ah, so now it would be easy...right?

Not so! It's hard - hard to name a person - at least I think so!  I have a terrible time naming things...and left to my own devices she might have ended up as "Girl".  :P  Seriously - all my things are named for what they are...but...anyways God intervened! *phew!*

We had our list and we liked all the names just fine and even settled on the middle name from our list...but as for the first well we just couldn't commit.  Nothing gave us that perfect fit feeling....three weeks left in the pregnancy and it looked like "Girl" just might be our first born's name.
Then the phone rang.  It was my dad.  Now, his mom, my granny, had not been well and as we were preparing for the arrival of our first born, my poor granny was quickly declining.  My dad was calling after a visit with her at the hospital, six hours away, to say he had a name suggestion.
Now this isn't like my dad, he never stuck his nose into other people's business - never put on any pressure; never!  And I had a feeling I knew what he was going to say.  Name our first born after my granny, Evelyn.  It would have been a sweet thought and it really is a lovely name but I just knew that Evelyn wasn't the name for our little girl.
But my dad didn't tell us to name her that - instead he said to me, (and yes I still remember the conversation, pretty much word for word) "I have a suggestion for a name.  You know me, I wouldn't usually do this!  But I wanted to give it to you because if I didn't and then later you heard it you might have wanted to use it.  Not many people know your granny's middle name," he said, " and I think you might like it.  It's Olivia."

When I heard it I knew!  After thanking my dad for his suggestion, I got of the phone and told my hubby - he knew too!  And so we had the name, given to us by God through my dad.  Olivia was born a few short weeks later.  My granny passed five days after the birth.

Olivia - meaning: Olive branch (which has become a sweet 'pet' name I give her on occasion) though originally not fond of the meaning, because I think meanings are important, I looked it up and discovered that in biblical times the olive branch signified fruitfulness, beauty and dignity. :)
Jane - meaning: God is gracious apparently I got a little wordy when writing these out - so I have, for your reading pleasure, broken this up into three parts, one for each of my sweet littles! :)  Look for the next post soon - it's a really neat story - God is so good - He's really got an eye for detail! ;)

What's in a name? - Catherine
What's in a name? - Joseph


Nov 16, 2012

These are the days...


...the days for Autumn walks.


These are the days....

.... for silly and sweet kids....

...for funny and cute kids....

.... and for babies that are too cool and too cute!

These are the days....

...for beautiful views out country kitchen windows!

These are the days....

...for playing in the leaves....

....the endless days of playing in the leaves!

These are the days....

....for extended parental leave....again...for have the blessing of more time together!

These are the days....

....for delicious hot beverages....

...and cozy indoor spaces.

These are the days...

...for belly time....

...and face paint, just for the fun of it!
These are the days....
...for enjoying the fleeting moments of fall....for trees once adorned in glorious empty and ready for winter's chill.
These are the days.....
....of our house now having our own touches on it....of it becoming our home and feeling more like it.


 These are the days....

....when I pinch myself and shake my head in disbelief of all God has done for us....for me!

These are the days....

....when I often stop and wonder, with amazement, at the God I serve and how He loves me!

And these are the days....

...that I am so very grateful for.

I will give to the Lord the thanks
due to His righteousness,
and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord,
the Most High.
Psalm 7:17


Nov 1, 2012

A Thirsty Soul Shower

So if you don't know by now Stephanie, over at Thirsty Soul, is my sister-in-law.  And if you read her blog at all, you will know that she is due very soon with their first baby!  So this past weekend I had the privilege and blessing of throwing a baby shower for her!

And seeing as I was able to host it in her favourite season, fall, I themed it as an Autumn Tea Party Shower.  Her mother has a very lovely collection of tea cups which she graciously lent out for the party.  (You can read Anita's blog here

And OH my, it was FUN!!! 

The weather was a bit gray but who cares, as it was all festive fall fun indoors!

I had such a great time planning and preparing!  The decor was filled with rich fall colours, from the plates, napkins, flowers, table coverings and other touches and of course those giant pom poms! LOVE THEM!  They were very easy to make, they just took a lot of tissue paper.  I like them so much that I still haven't taken them down!


Then there was the 'tea bar'.  A selection of four different flavoured teas and a lovely, delicate tea pot, always the ready with hot water.  Guest were then able to select a tea cup of choice - and what a choice there was - and then select their desired tea.  Then they could constantly come back for refills of hot water or to make a new selection of flavoured tea.


There were amazing smelling candles and like I mentioned, just oodles of Autumn goodness!  Oh and just another picture of the pom poms for you- they really are just that cool! ;) hahah!

And of course there were goodies...Ohhhh the goodies!  I spent weeks planning out my different creations - some were a complete success...some....were not!  But in the end there were many good things to enjoy and enjoyed they were!  And well, I just couldn't resist giving each treat a fall themed 'name'. 

              "Leaf Piles"  - (failed) macaroons with pumpkin pie brown butter cream icing
"Pretty Pumpkins" - mini pumpkin bread muffins            

I'll just interject here and say that, that first picture is suppose to be macaroons - you know those fancy macaroons that are all the rage these days?!?  Well let me just say they are a pain challenge to make!  Mine did NOT do what they were suppose to do - And well I might have a slight hate on for macaroons! it's not quite that bad but well, lets just say, it will be a while before I attempt to make those again! But I will say, even though the didn't 'puff' up as they should have, they did taste pretty good, so it wasn't a complete loss.

"Sweet Sunflowers" - mini apple pies
" Bird's Nests" - flourless peanut butter cookies with pretzels and chocolate toffee bits
"Mud Puddles" - mini brownies - basically they taste like two bite brownies, yum!
Missing Photo - because I forgot to take a picture of what I made, called "Tree Bark" it's only fabulous...and was devoured quite quickly...I'll make it again some time and share with you all!

"Tea Bag Cookies" - aren't they adorable!?!  
Not my original idea, (thank you Internet!) but they turned out perfect and are just so cute! 
And yes I created the little 'lables' and strung all 30 something cookies! ;) 
Yes, Steph - I love you that much!

And so food and drink all being enjoyed, there were many gifts to bless baby and momma with.  Stephanie and her husband know they are having a boy and I think this momma-to-be enjoyed all the blues, greens, reds and grays that came her way! 

I mixed the games in with the gift opening - giving breaks for the three pregnant woman in attendance, to run to the rest room.  ;)   And Oh the games were good - lots and lots o' fun!! 
Seen this one before???

If you haven't, well it's not what you think- it's just chocolate!  LoL!  I like this game... a lot! It gives everyone a good laugh - and kudos to the guest here for actually getting that into it! ;)
So it was an all around real good time - at least I think so.  :)  I love hosting gatherings like that - especially when I don't need to be the center of attention and especially when there is a theme involved!  I just like having a direction, a place to focus, to lead the decor, events and details!  I realize more and more how I adore the attention to details in these sort of things - I think themes are fun and well the whole day was fun!

As I said it was a blessing to be able to host the shower.  To say "I love you and I'm oh, so happy for you!" with my gift of hospitality.  To open my home and heart to her, to family and to friends.  I know Stephanie felt loved and I'm sure she felt special and that's all I hoped for!  And I know all the guests enjoyed themselves, especially their take home goodies bags!

Because you're never too old for a goody bag!


I'm very happy and excited for Stephanie and her husband as they enter the blessings (and yes, trials) of parenthood. They will learn so much, grow in various forms and they will soon see the Lord in a whole new way - a way that only being a parent can show you! I know He has wonderful things ahead for them and I look forward to watching them enter this stage of life under God!

God bless you Stephanie - may you always feel His strength, love, compassion and peace as you enter this new season in your life! ♥

Fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

                                                                                                    Isaiah 41:10



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