Nov 1, 2012

A Thirsty Soul Shower

So if you don't know by now Stephanie, over at Thirsty Soul, is my sister-in-law.  And if you read her blog at all, you will know that she is due very soon with their first baby!  So this past weekend I had the privilege and blessing of throwing a baby shower for her!

And seeing as I was able to host it in her favourite season, fall, I themed it as an Autumn Tea Party Shower.  Her mother has a very lovely collection of tea cups which she graciously lent out for the party.  (You can read Anita's blog here

And OH my, it was FUN!!! 

The weather was a bit gray but who cares, as it was all festive fall fun indoors!

I had such a great time planning and preparing!  The decor was filled with rich fall colours, from the plates, napkins, flowers, table coverings and other touches and of course those giant pom poms! LOVE THEM!  They were very easy to make, they just took a lot of tissue paper.  I like them so much that I still haven't taken them down!


Then there was the 'tea bar'.  A selection of four different flavoured teas and a lovely, delicate tea pot, always the ready with hot water.  Guest were then able to select a tea cup of choice - and what a choice there was - and then select their desired tea.  Then they could constantly come back for refills of hot water or to make a new selection of flavoured tea.


There were amazing smelling candles and like I mentioned, just oodles of Autumn goodness!  Oh and just another picture of the pom poms for you- they really are just that cool! ;) hahah!

And of course there were goodies...Ohhhh the goodies!  I spent weeks planning out my different creations - some were a complete success...some....were not!  But in the end there were many good things to enjoy and enjoyed they were!  And well, I just couldn't resist giving each treat a fall themed 'name'. 

              "Leaf Piles"  - (failed) macaroons with pumpkin pie brown butter cream icing
"Pretty Pumpkins" - mini pumpkin bread muffins            

I'll just interject here and say that, that first picture is suppose to be macaroons - you know those fancy macaroons that are all the rage these days?!?  Well let me just say they are a pain challenge to make!  Mine did NOT do what they were suppose to do - And well I might have a slight hate on for macaroons! it's not quite that bad but well, lets just say, it will be a while before I attempt to make those again! But I will say, even though the didn't 'puff' up as they should have, they did taste pretty good, so it wasn't a complete loss.

"Sweet Sunflowers" - mini apple pies
" Bird's Nests" - flourless peanut butter cookies with pretzels and chocolate toffee bits
"Mud Puddles" - mini brownies - basically they taste like two bite brownies, yum!
Missing Photo - because I forgot to take a picture of what I made, called "Tree Bark" it's only fabulous...and was devoured quite quickly...I'll make it again some time and share with you all!

"Tea Bag Cookies" - aren't they adorable!?!  
Not my original idea, (thank you Internet!) but they turned out perfect and are just so cute! 
And yes I created the little 'lables' and strung all 30 something cookies! ;) 
Yes, Steph - I love you that much!

And so food and drink all being enjoyed, there were many gifts to bless baby and momma with.  Stephanie and her husband know they are having a boy and I think this momma-to-be enjoyed all the blues, greens, reds and grays that came her way! 

I mixed the games in with the gift opening - giving breaks for the three pregnant woman in attendance, to run to the rest room.  ;)   And Oh the games were good - lots and lots o' fun!! 
Seen this one before???

If you haven't, well it's not what you think- it's just chocolate!  LoL!  I like this game... a lot! It gives everyone a good laugh - and kudos to the guest here for actually getting that into it! ;)
So it was an all around real good time - at least I think so.  :)  I love hosting gatherings like that - especially when I don't need to be the center of attention and especially when there is a theme involved!  I just like having a direction, a place to focus, to lead the decor, events and details!  I realize more and more how I adore the attention to details in these sort of things - I think themes are fun and well the whole day was fun!

As I said it was a blessing to be able to host the shower.  To say "I love you and I'm oh, so happy for you!" with my gift of hospitality.  To open my home and heart to her, to family and to friends.  I know Stephanie felt loved and I'm sure she felt special and that's all I hoped for!  And I know all the guests enjoyed themselves, especially their take home goodies bags!

Because you're never too old for a goody bag!


I'm very happy and excited for Stephanie and her husband as they enter the blessings (and yes, trials) of parenthood. They will learn so much, grow in various forms and they will soon see the Lord in a whole new way - a way that only being a parent can show you! I know He has wonderful things ahead for them and I look forward to watching them enter this stage of life under God!

God bless you Stephanie - may you always feel His strength, love, compassion and peace as you enter this new season in your life! ♥

Fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

                                                                                                    Isaiah 41:10



  1. I love those tea bag cookies - I've had them recently at tea for a Bridal Shower. SO YUMMY!

    Also - that diaper game. Oh yeah... been there done that, too. I tried adding a combo of mustard and peanut butter.


    Blessings to the new little one when it arrives and you did a fab job on all of the party. Loved it!

  2. I'm so glad you did a post on this! I took some pictures but didn't capture everything so I'm glad to have a record of it here.

    The day was wonderful and you are right, I did feel very special and loved! Everything was amazing - the food, all the lovely little details. You have a gift!

  3. It was a lovely shower! God has blessed you with a hospitable heart as well as many talents. You could host these as a side business ;)

  4. Just visiting here from Stephanie's blog and I wanted to say that everything looks great and I don't see anything wrong with the macaroons! I made some cream puffs recently that were a disaster, but I say...if you can salvage it, it doesn't count as a failure!

  5. A tea party baby shower?! Can anything be sweeter? Such a lovely and fun idea!


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