Nov 20, 2012

What's in a name? - Catherine

Next is our sweet daughter Catherine Isabelle. Our second little blessing, our baby whom was too modest to reveal her gender during the ultrasound and thus our surprise baby.

So not knowing if this little one was a boy or girl we had to tackle coming up with two complete names that we both liked!

We liked how Olivia was named for a family member and thought we might stick with that for inspiration. We settled on a boy's name and then our girls name and set in to wait for this little one to show it's self and reveal which it would be.

Our girl's name was taken in memory of my step-aunt who passed away when she was only nineteen. My step mom, eighteen at the time and her sister were coming back from taking care of their horses when they were struck by a drunk driver.  (We'll just leave how I feel about drunk drivers out of this post...but let's say God gives grace and they should just be thankful I'm not Him!) So we picked Catherine in honour of her and because we both felt it was the perfect name for our (possibly) second daughter.

I had a c-section with Olivia - for "failure to progress" because, as I have stated before, apparently my babies are home bodies and don't want to vacate my womb! So the doctors scheduled a repeat section for my second baby. The date was set, our little bundle of joy would be here on the 20th of March - the first day of Spring!

So as my pregnancy was drawing to an end I was engrossed in reading Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. Ironically (for lack of a better term because I know irony is just another word for God's sense of humour!) the main character of the book is guessed it - Catherine!

So the week of the section was right around the corner and I'll never forget it - I was quietly reading, because remember I only have one small toddler at this point and back then I actually had time to read...quietly read at that! haha! Anyways I was reading when I came to this part in the book,

"On the anniversary of her (Catherine's) birth....This 20th of March was a beautiful spring day,"

"Dave" I called out to my hubby, "It's going to be a girl!"

And a week later our little Catherine was brought into this world. We were over-joyed and happy to bring home a baby sister for Olivia.

Catherine - meaning: Pure - *note Catherine is also the root name for my name - Kaitlin
Isabelle - meaning: God's promise


  1. love the name catherine. so cool you are telling about their names. i've kept mine quiet, but i long to share...

  2. She's so pretty, too!

    I love her name and what they mean.

  3. I adore birth stories and the meaning and thoughts behind the naming. Names mean so much to a person. God bless Catherine. Such a lovely name.


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