Nov 21, 2012

What's in a name? - Joseph

And now our little Joseph Mario. Our third baby born, first son, who came into this world in the most surreal year of our lives!

If you want the whole story on Joseph you'll have to read it here in my post - The Story of Joe. But I will recap for those that don't want to post hop!

My hubby and I had come to a point where we wanted to commit everything to God. The Lord had been doing a work in our hearts and we knew that we had more to surrender and more to give the Lord. So after much prayer, study and conviction were were baptised together.
That brought 'great' changes in our lives. I say 'great' in quotations because well - great is a relative term, isn't it? Either way, the Lord worked in us, in many ways. One of those ways being the area of children, in regards to the ones we had and the ones we didn't. He moved in us the conviction of seeing our two sweet daughters as true blessings, yes even on the bad days! - and He also moved in us the notion that we took too much control and not enough trust in Him in the area of how many our family was to be numbered at.
So after repentance and prayer, our hearts began to change. And well God did some neat things and if you really want to know you'll just have to post hop over to that post to read it, because I'm just to lazy to type it all out again for yah! ;) lol!!
And in this post, I mentioned how I had asked God to remove any outside influences on our name choice for our baby.  I laid at His feet the choice and decision and told Him to take control, give peace and lead us in the final decision of our baby's name.

It was then that I paused to take in the gorgeous sunset before me. Snapping away with my camera and just enjoying the peace and tranquility around me, watching the sun sunk below the horizon.  Forgetting entirely about what I had just prayed and asked of God - pregnancy brain still at this point, remember?! haha! - I opened my bible.  It was there that God showed me, three times, in His word that our choice for Joseph, was to be the name for our son.
I know what you're thinking, easy to find Joseph three times in the bible - but when the last place God lead me to was the book of Amos - well you can be sure I was convinced!


And so how fitting we have named our sweet baby boy Joseph Mario.  We picked Joseph first for my husband's grandfather, but  it is also the name for my mom's dad, my step-mom's dad and my father's grandfather - who happened to be Giuseppe Mario - Giuseppe being the Italian version of Joseph and Mario being a family name passed through the generations - my dad's middle name was Mario as well. :)

Joseph - meaning: God shall increase - and oh how He has!  He has increased our sweet little family in the blessing that is Joseph but also our God shall increase more and more in our lives.  We have committed our ways to Him, to follow after Him and His ways - no matter the cost.

Mario - Manly, Warlike - I know, who names their son something with 'war' in it - I mean you're just asking for trouble then aren't you?  But with all the 'hurdles' this year has brought for our little family, I think having a warlike son, ready to fight for the Lord, with strength, determination and commitment, will be a good thing....a very much needed thing!

And so you have the stories of our littles' names.  The reasons and whys behind how we chose how God chose them...because like I said, had it been up to me you probably would have just read the stories of "Girl", "Girl 2" and "Boy"! ha!

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,
and favor is better than silver or gold.
Proverbs 22:1

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  1. Again. This is really cool.

    I love "hearing" your sensitivity to what the Lord has chosen for you... walking in that...challenging? and doing it willingly.

    Even down to simple names.

  2. Love that Joe smile. What a sweetheart. Thanks for the lovely visit yesterday!


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