Nov 18, 2012

What's in a name? - Olivia

I while back I talked here about naming our kids - actually is was more like I briefly mentioned, how God worked in us and lead us in the naming of each of our precious gifts.  I had said I would tell you their stories one of these days...and well, today's the day!

I knew I wanted to share this with you because I love putting down how God takes care of all the little things and how He really is there on a very intimate and personal level!  That's one reason I enjoying blogging so much!  Because, for whatever reason, I can do this but cannot keep a diary/journal.  But here on my blog I can record all the workings of God in our lives and well, you get to enjoy them too!  Win win! ;)

Anyways...back to the point of this post.  Okay here goes...

What's in a name?

{ A lot - when you leave it up to God! ;) }

Well fist is our darling Olivia Jane.  Our first born, the ice breaker, eldest, we are 'learning on the fly' child.

And like many a new parents - when we discovered we were pregnant we broke out the lists of baby names.  We knew we wanted to find out the gender of our first baby but couldn't wait to start thinking of a name for him/her.

So we gathered a few favourites - names that both my hubby and I could agree on and listed them, boy and girl.  Then the ultra sound day came and our list was cut in half.  GIRL!  Ah, so now it would be easy...right?

Not so! It's hard - hard to name a person - at least I think so!  I have a terrible time naming things...and left to my own devices she might have ended up as "Girl".  :P  Seriously - all my things are named for what they are...but...anyways God intervened! *phew!*

We had our list and we liked all the names just fine and even settled on the middle name from our list...but as for the first well we just couldn't commit.  Nothing gave us that perfect fit feeling....three weeks left in the pregnancy and it looked like "Girl" just might be our first born's name.
Then the phone rang.  It was my dad.  Now, his mom, my granny, had not been well and as we were preparing for the arrival of our first born, my poor granny was quickly declining.  My dad was calling after a visit with her at the hospital, six hours away, to say he had a name suggestion.
Now this isn't like my dad, he never stuck his nose into other people's business - never put on any pressure; never!  And I had a feeling I knew what he was going to say.  Name our first born after my granny, Evelyn.  It would have been a sweet thought and it really is a lovely name but I just knew that Evelyn wasn't the name for our little girl.
But my dad didn't tell us to name her that - instead he said to me, (and yes I still remember the conversation, pretty much word for word) "I have a suggestion for a name.  You know me, I wouldn't usually do this!  But I wanted to give it to you because if I didn't and then later you heard it you might have wanted to use it.  Not many people know your granny's middle name," he said, " and I think you might like it.  It's Olivia."

When I heard it I knew!  After thanking my dad for his suggestion, I got of the phone and told my hubby - he knew too!  And so we had the name, given to us by God through my dad.  Olivia was born a few short weeks later.  My granny passed five days after the birth.

Olivia - meaning: Olive branch (which has become a sweet 'pet' name I give her on occasion) though originally not fond of the meaning, because I think meanings are important, I looked it up and discovered that in biblical times the olive branch signified fruitfulness, beauty and dignity. :)
Jane - meaning: God is gracious apparently I got a little wordy when writing these out - so I have, for your reading pleasure, broken this up into three parts, one for each of my sweet littles! :)  Look for the next post soon - it's a really neat story - God is so good - He's really got an eye for detail! ;)

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  1. Such sweet pictures of Olivia, and I loved remembering the story behind her name. Can't wait for the next posts :)

  2. She is so sweet. I like knowing this kind of stuff.

    By the way. Jayne is my middle name, too. :) I do spell mine (and my daughter's) with a "y". All the same.


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