Dec 20, 2012

Six Months of Joe - Oh how I love to watch you Grow!

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That's right!  My sweet cheeked little bean is a whole six months old today!  It's hard to believe...hard to believe he is already six month old....and yet so hard to believe he is only six months old!
So I though I'd take you on a little visual journey of the past six months - just a couple of pictures from each stage - some favourites I have already shared and some new ones to delight you with! ;)

Our sweet little man - two weeks old!


Oh baby days, filled with sleeping....for them that is! ;)

One month along and just, OH so kissable!

Our early morning photo shoot - with almost two month under his belt.

Two months and still can't figure out what this big black thing is,
why does it go 'click' 'click' a thousand times a day,
and why is it always in his face?!?!

Sweet smiles - just rarely for the camera - so be it!
Silly faces
Serious faces
Loving faces
Sweet faces
Three months along - and loving his sisters very much. 

SO much love! ♥
Four happy months now!
And loving being rolled back and forth, back and forth!!!
Pretty much the only way to get a real good giggle out of him - oh so serious Joe!

Five months and a whole whack of silly faces!!!

As well as a whole whack of sweet faces!!!

And now our little man is six whole months!

He is a contemplative sort.
He has a smile that is just adorable!
He is a snuggler!!
He loves to 'stand' but hates his exersaucer.
He gives the wettest sloppiest kisses!
He can roll over but chooses not to. :p
He rarely laughs but holds a twinkle in his eye.
He wants to take in the world - in his 'strong silent' way.
He adores his big sisters!
He has a tooth and a sweet one at that!
He is a blessing, a beautiful, wonderful blessing!

And all in all....

....he just melts my heart. ♥

 Happy Six Months Joseph!

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  1. Such a cutie pie. I don't think there is a sweeter sound than baby giggles. :)

  2. Happy six months, beautiful boy. We love you, Granny.


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