Dec 13, 2012

The Most AMAZING Wall Project EVER!!!!

...if I do say so myself....

Oh, but seriously, it is!!!!

Remember that project I mentioned that I couldn't wait to share with you??

Well here it is....

Want a closer look?
It's all WALLPAPER!!!!   A wall done in wallpaper collage!  And not just any wall....over 20 some feet of vertical coverage!  The entire wall going up our staircase.
Can I just say how much I love it???  Because I do!!
You see, after living four and a half years, in a home we 'knew' we were destined to sell; I had spent much of my decorating time on making sure our house was always 'saleable'.  Don't get me wrong - we loved, LOVED our old Victorian in the city but every time we made a reno or design choice we always kept in mind what that choice would do for the resale value.  Our sweet city home was totally us, yet safe, always in a state of being ready for sale.
Pasting sheets of wallpaper - I have to say,
if you ever wallpaper - go with the paste!  I love it!!!
Then we moved - six months ago now - and began to transform our new house into our own home.  So far, we've torn out old laminate floor, drywalled, put on new doors, arranged furniture, rearranged furniture and painted.  We have painted the living room, the girl's bedroom and Joseph's bedroom. (And yes, SOME day I will share photos....promise...just not yet!)  Next on the list was to be the hallway, for in encompasses the stair wall going up from the first floor and the entire upstairs hall. 
Goodbye UGLY green!
Our home is open concept to a degree, so this paint choice had to fit in with both the downstairs and up.  I settled on a nice, warm grey.  Something neutral, pleasing to the eye, unoffensive....SAFE!
But I couldn't commit - usually when I know what I want, I run to the store, buy the paint and in a few short hours the job is done!  Not this time...I was dragging my feet on the whole thing and couldn't figure out why. 
A few days later, my gracious sister-in-law, offered to watch all three kiddos of ours (while being eight and a half months pregnant herself, thanks Steph!) while my hubby and I went on a date - our first since Joe had been born.  We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at a local cafe - a favourite of ours - and then meandered through the downtown, poking into various eclectic shops.  It was in one of these shops where I was inspired!
The shop owner had collaged, with wallpaper, a small hallway.  It caught my eye instantly - ignoring the doodads, antiques and colourful dishes, I couldn't help but take-in this whimsical wall!  I inquired about it.  The shop owner told me she used old wallpaper books, the ones the decor stores get rid of and then just pasted them to the wall.  I told her it was fabulous!  She was so kind and she told me if I ever wanted any, she had a bunch of wallpaper books left over.

So we went on our merry way.  Picking up the kids and then heading home.  We finished up the day, put the kids to bed, had our quiet evening and then off to bed.  But I lay there....just lay there...and I could not get that wall out of my head.
I thought about it all.night.long!
I thought about it!!
I knew I needed to do it!!! 
And I knew exactly where it was going to be!!!!
I told ...errr...asked my hubby about it.  ;)  Instantly he loved the idea too!  We both knew that for far to long we had!  Our home, though still a reflection of us, had always been to date, much to safe to be a true reflection of us.  Our artistic, musician, dreamers that we are, reflection of us!  This wall needed to be done - it would solidify that this home was ours and that, Lord willing, we were staying!
So I began the process and let me just say it took... a lot longer then expected!  But it was a lot of fun as well!  How did I reach the wall above the stairway you ask?  Well my ingenious/dreamer hubby came up with this;

From the first floor looking up

Second floor.
He built me a platform to stand on and work from.  And yes, it was a bit scary at first but really it was just like a floor....floating over a big ol' stair case....11 feet or so in the air.....and then I had to put a ladder on it....but it only a bit scary!  ;)

And in case you were wondering, there was a method to my madness....a form of organized chaos as my husband put it.  Actually it took much more creative energy then I realized - but it was also a much more needed creative outlet then I realized.

Where it all began

It felt amazing to be doing something so creative again.  Something so personal and just fitting for us, our personalities and our home!

We have plans to replace the stair runner with something simpler so that it isn't competing with the wall.  Which is what we now affectionately refer to it as, "The Wall".  I want to paint out the spindles and the treads of the stairs to white, leaving the handrail and the big ol' end post still in their original wood.  I know, some of you are cringing at the thought of me painting 136 year old wood...but sorry, it's got to be done! ;)

Before and after! ♥

I'll say that this has been one of the most...if not the most rewarding home design projects I have ever done!  It makes me smile every time I look at it!  And I have to say, it looks even better in person - it just does! 

It has also opened up my eyes to how 'safe' I have been over the years.  I lost a bit of my artistic self when I met the Lord - I can't put it quite into words, it was just that so much of my life changed at that time and I guess I have been on a journey to relearn who I am; in Him.  But this project, I think, is a gift from Him, a way to open my eyes to allowing me to be who He created me to be - artistic, eclectic, spontaneous, creative....

So I will take this gift and go forward from here.  I can't wait to let me creative juices go on the rest of the house and make it a home.....

OUR home!
The Lord's curse is on the house of the wicked,
but He blesses the dwelling of the righteous.
Proverbs 3:33


  1. It's great! It looks like a quilt. Wow, I can't even imagine how much work that was to do. Have the merriest Christmas ever!

  2. Love it!! And you are right, it looks even more amazing in person. I'm happy that you were able to get your creative juices flowing again, hopefully just a jump start into even more fun projects!

  3. It is, it is, it is! I love it!! Now you got me thinking about my walls. Where can I put a wall paper!

  4. I can so imagine you looking at that wall through sleepy eyes in the morning. What a great way to start your day! Glad your artsy self is expressing itself. It is a huge part of who you are! The 'WALL' looks amazing.

  5. My first thought was old quilt! LOVE IT! What a labor of love.
    Beautiful job K!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Beautiful! I promise to come see it ... hopefully sooner than later. :)


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