Jan 25, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

BrrrrrrER!!!  It has been so cold here lately!! I'm pretty sure it got to MINUS 10 FAHRENHEIT two days ago!!!  That's C.O.L.D.!!!!!  But it's been so sunny too - so it feels kinda strange!  The sun makes me think Spring is just around the corner but the fact that I'm loading wood into the furnace almost hourly says otherwise!

So we stay indoors.

Photo credit - my hubby ;)
Doing what we can to keep warm and praying for those that might not have a safe warm place to be!  Praying for those that have to go out in this weather and thanking God for providing a well insulated home and plenty of wood!

another photo by my hubby :D

The days are getting longer...I know, we are a ways off from the long days of summer but I see it changing already!   I'm feeling a bit "off" lately - I think it's par for the season - the longing for Spring and renewal mixed with the end of a decade for me in a week and knowing what the week following that brings....

My husband's work still has not payed him for the time that he was suppose to be at work when they had 'forgot' he was coming back from parental leave.  They are giving us the run-around and my patience is wearing thin!  *SIGH* And I sigh because I know God is teaching me about patience and trust and well...I'm just not in the mood for it! *with crossed arms and a three year old pout* HUMPH!  And what drives me crazy is that we are trying so hard with the budgeting and actually taking some real responsibility with our finances.  But the silver lining in all of this is that it's real easy to have a 'no spend January' where there is no money to spend! :P 

Regardless of how I am feeling, I am getting up each morning to spend time with the Lord. This is truly by God's grace because I am up between 5:00am and 6:00am and at this hour of the day I really thank God for an automatic coffee maker!  Both my husband and I get up then - so we can have our quite times alone with God, before hubby goes to work and my day here begins.

I have to say I am enjoying it greatly.  I do look forward to that time of quiet with the Creator.  It's not always easy to get out of bed before the sun and while the house is still cold but He is doing it and I am thankful!  I can't say I'm gaining great truths or have oodles of wisdom to share with you from this time.  But the diligence is important - I'm focusing on not just doing this out of duty but because I want to, long to, meet with my Creator.  I need to be in his presence and I need to rest in Him.

Sunrise this morning.

And in all honestly I'm feeling a bit lost as of late....but what I think it comes down to is trust!  Do I trust Him?  Do I place ALL my concerns in His lap?  Do I TRULY give it ALL over to Him? 

No way!

Why not?  That's the question!  I often do this, take hold of my concerns, I push Him aside and say, "I've got this!"  But I don't, do I!?!  I'm worried about my husband's job, I'm worried about our finances, I'm worried about what tomorrow will bring.....and I'm too worried to trust in God...

But He is working in me!  Oh is He ever!  It's been a long road - a constant uphill climb these last couple of years...with last year being a complete vertical rock face!  God has been changing me - refining me - at least that's what I think.  I see how He is molding me more and more and changing my heart.  But I still falter, I still cling to my way - wanting to do things on my own strength and you'd think after last year I would have figured it out by now. Figured out that I need Him, each and every moment of each and every day!

So I am placing my cares in the lap of our God.  I'm giving over my concerns and laying my worries aside.  I'm going to cling to Matthew 6:25-34, which my BFF just called to share with me while I typed out this post.  She's claimed it for her 2013 motto and I think I need to as well! 

And so, I am going to leave you with a song - I think it sums up how I'm feeling quite well.  I received this CD a couple of weeks ago and I love it and God is so using it to speak to me!

Praying you too find rest and comfort in our Lord.

 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You,
because he trusts in You.
Isaiah 26:3



  1. Cute kids! It is cold here too! You're right...no temptation to go anywhere and spend money! :)
    I will pray your husband gets paid.
    It is so unfair!

  2. UPDATE: (THANK YOU for your Prayers Andrea! They helped!)

    So my hubby gave me a call today to let me know he FINALLY heard that he will be getting paid - next week - but still getting paid!! Praise the Lord!! (now if only I could just learn to shut up and trust! :P )

  3. Great post. Praying for you and with you.

    This verse came to mind as I read your post tonight.

    Psalm 138:8 (KJV) The Lord will perfect that which concernth me: Thy mercy, Oh Lord, endureth forever. Forsake not the work of Thine hands.

    EVERYTHING is in his hands. Amen?

  4. Praise the Lord you will get your money next week! It was 58 here today, and windy(always windy here in the Sunflower state). It's supposed to be 69 by Monday...wow! Then another cold snap. Just continuing to pray and believe for moisture. We are in a very serious situation here.

    Loved all the pics. I love early morning time with God..I just watched one of my favorite programs and he was preaching on Rest...resting in God...completely. When we worry and labor we are not enjoying God's abundant blessings and that is not what God intended! He wants us to Be Blessed~and worry free! It's all about the complete trust...I struggle as well with that. I will pray for you, please return the favor! I'm sad I'm missng out on some awesome blessings because I'm "worrying"!


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