Jan 6, 2013

Christmas, New Years and the Flu of it!

So Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is here - and well, what a time of it we have had!  Oh, it was nice - busy, so busy - but it was nice.  Different in some ways...as I'm sure you all understand, but still it was nice.

That is until the week after Christmas...when the FLU took over our house!


So I thought I'd be real here, if you don't mind, and tell you the truth of our holidays, the whole messy truth of it.  Because I just want to be real - lay it out - no hiding behind perfection here people! Oh and I'll keep most of the details PG - just because that's how I am and if you're like me you might be doing your blog reading while eating breakfast or a snack or something.


Okay - so this whole post is not about the flu - but seriously after that week, I kinda feel like my life is just a whole mess of....well anyways to keep the whole thing lite, lets also enjoy cute kids and Christmassy fun!

See! Cute kids!

That was them all dressed up - we were busy with four Christmas'  that we had to pack into three days!  This was the day before Christmas eve - Sunday...I think...yeah - they were all cute-ified for Church.  We then gave them their Christmas eve gift - so yes, like I said it was the day before Christmas eve but we had family coming over on Christmas eve so we wanted to do it before then. 

And of course what is the perfect gift before Christmas???

New pajamas!! (of course!?!)  And footed jammies no less! :D

AAaaaaa - I just love them in sleepers!  I think I'm notorious for dressing my kids in sleepers as long as possible!  So when I found these I couldn't resist buying them for the girl's Christmas pajamas! 

Christmas morning was a lot of fun!  The girls slept in - (who's three and five year old sleep in on Christmas morning??) but don't worry, the baby had my hubby and I up early.  So at least we were awake and with a cup of coffee under our belts before the girls were ready to go.

I had figured Joseph would sleep through all of the present opening - because both my girls did for their first Christmas' but I should know better by now that each kid is unique!  And so no, our little man was ready and raring to go and open gifts!


Some new books, always a favourite gift...


And can I tell you how much that boy LOVED unwrapping gifts??  Did you see his face in that picture with him opening his Christmas Eve gift??  I mean, I have never seen a kid so excited to open gifts so young!
Here's a little visual of how the morning went for him:

What a kid!  Six months and having way too much fun at it...what will next year bring???? 

So Christmas was enjoyable - no flu then!


I even (found/made/scavenged together) time to make two homemade gifts for my sweet nephews.

I'd love to tell you they are my original creations but you all know by now that I'm a scavenger of ideas and I found these sweet ones here at Make It and Love It.  I'm not sure when, how, or where I came across her blog - but I LOVE it!! She has such sweet and easy to make ideas - I really adore so MANY of her projects!  So I just might be making a few more things from her site!  (click under tutorials at the top of the page to scout around for some great ideas!!)
First up was the adorable Monster Pillow, for my sister's boy.  My finished piece is a little different then what I found at Make It and Love It but obviously it is totally inspired by her design. 

My sister's son is exactly one year and six days older then my boy and she has been so gracious to give me ALL of her clothes and such for Joseph! (I love you Kristen! ♥)  Anyways- so I had a bag of things that either we didn't need or Joe had out grown and so I used those as material to make the pillow.  An old blanket, bunting bag and towel - oh and scarf that belonged to one of my girls - so other then time, love and stuffing this gift cost very little!  And in the end, well I was quite smitten with the thing!

And when I first found that Make It and Love It blog I totally fell in love with these stuffed turtles and knew I had to make them!  The other things I LOVE about Make It and Love It, is she also includes the pattern for many of the projects - just print it and cut it out - FANTASTIC - absolutely no measuring...and need I remind you all how I hate measuring???

They are adorable and actually pretty easy to make, like make it in one evening kind of easy - my kind of easy!


I made this little fella for our newest nephew and added a little personal touch to the bottom. ♥

So after the festivities of family and business my husband and I planned a 'date night at home' kind of New Years.  Simple but sweet, as a welcome to the new year and an end to his six months of parental leave.  We bought all these fantastic cheeses, brie, Swiss, Havarti, this amazing one with chocolate and orange (strange but I just had to try it!), fancy smancy (gluten free) crackers, delicious Salomi and pate and well, it was just going to be lovely.....or not!
Because the flu set in before hand and I only ate about three bites before I told him, forget it - I was done and then I was in bed by 9:30!  How sad is that!  Then we all took turns being ill for the next few days.  The kids were so sick - and I think I have washed about every sheet and pajama's they own at least twice!  Well I did say, just last week, that I would work hard to be more diligent on doing laundry...
So that's how we rang in the new year.  Hardly the way I wanted to start it off, *sigh* but oh well!  And hubby - well he's home just a little longer as his work forgot he was suppose to return and haven't got all the paper work in order??? Whatever - I'm just happy to have him home a little longer!


And as I stated in my previous post - I am facing this new year with a emphatic yes to all that the Lord has for me.  I know it won't always be easy - and already I have some apprehensions as to what lays ahead but I know He's got it.  I lay my trust, my life, my hope in Him.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is Your faithfulness.
“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
“therefore I will hope in Him.”
Lamentations 3:22-24



  1. Lovely post. You bare your heart very nicely. You will do fine. God is the one who holds your hand. Love you all, MAG

  2. Oh, the pics with the thought bubbles are so cute. Sorry about the flu, but the children look adorable. :)

  3. The kids look AdorAble! Love their dress up duds, Joseph is getting so big!
    Love the jammies too...I always loved footed jammies for my boys.
    So sorry to hear the Flu reared its ugly head at your home. ICK. My hubby has had it twice in the last 6 weeks. He seems to be on the mend now, just a bit of lingering cough. Praise the Lord, the boys and I have been healthy.
    We went to church with my folks this morning and the pastor talked about the very thing you said...yes to God. Telling God, Use me! I'm available!
    Take care!


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