Jan 3, 2013

Emphatic Yes!

I just finished writing a post, summing up all that had transpired over the Christmas and New Year holidays....but as I came to a close I remembered how much I wanted to share a Sara Groves song with all of you.

So I have cut that post in two - I'll share cute kids opening gifts with you soon and tell you the joys of the flu that ravaged our home this past weekend - but it got too long - and seeing as the New Year is here I want to focus on that just now.

And well, time marched on and so the New Year is upon us....

....I just took a glance back on last year's New Year post - it's funny - I talk there about being more open here on my blog, more personal, wanting to share all my joys, pains, struggles, faith, family and whatever else came my way - and wow what a year to do that eh?!

So I want to say "Thank you!" - thank you for reading with me through all the ups and downs last year brought me - I know that 'talking' about grief can make people uncomfortable but I appreciate you letting me get it all out here. I do know that I have a bit more to talk through and much more to work through but I appreciate your support - and sometimes really the best things is just knowing you are there - even if you don' t know what to say, just letting me know you are there is comfort enough!


The year starts with some pretty big highs and lows of it's own - in a month from today I turn - THIRTY!! Say what???? Yup - crazy - twenty ten is almost upon me! ;) lol! Ah, nooo I'm not one of those age scared people - I just think it's crazy to leave my twenty's .....and then ....just over a week later will be one year since the passing of my dad...still not fully real...I hate to say it....and these are just the things I know about!


So friends I thank you for reading - because also each new year marks another year of blogging for me - this is year four, whoa! But thank you for your lovely, supportive and encouraging comments!  Thank you for sticking through my ramblings and what have yous and thank you for the blessings you bring to my life!

And once again - I place the year before me, squarely in the hands of my Lord. Knowing He will carry me through it - no matter what! I have hopes for what this year will bring, in terms of spiritual and personal growth, directions for our family and how I spend the time He has given me.

And I know my Lord is good...no, He is GREAT! And He holds my hand and walks me day by day - and I pray the same for each of you! I'll take all that the Lord offers me and I will give back to Him all that I can.

I leave you now with this song - it says so much.....

and I think it really speaks about all I pray for in this coming year....




  1. I'm praying that 2013 is a wonderful year for you and yours. Thanks for the song.

  2. Amen! I love this song. It's perfect to reflect on at the beginning of a new year.

  3. Beautiful song. And what a year...sad, but also so good. Praying you have am amazing new year friend. The 30's are grand. I hit the big 4-0 in a few...yikes!


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