Jan 7, 2013

Solid Food and Baby Cubes

A few weeks ago we introduced regular samplings of solid food for our little man.  Let me tell you, he was more then eager to go at it!

I can't believe how big and yet how small he seems in his high chair there!  Ooooh how fast these months have slipped by!

 I had to sorta jump in with the solids a bit more full time then I had originally anticipated.  I hadn't exactly planned on when we would start full time with solid food but after Joseph lost weight, almost two pounds, and began to loose interest in nursing - we decided it would be best to get him on some regular food. He's such a skinny and long bean boy - he can't afford to lose any weight!

My milk supply doesn't take long to adjust, so with his lack of interest (basically he is just too interested in the world around him to sit and nurse for very long) it has decreased significantly, so we have introduced supplementary bottles with an organic formula.  Meanwhile I am taking the herb fenugreek to try and increase my supply.  I nurse him first thing in the morning and right before bed - so I'm hoping it will help keep things going.

I know breast is best and so that's why I hope to get back on to it full time.  It's also so convenient!  I didn't nurse this long with either of my girls and so always figured bottles were pretty easy - but I really see now how easy breastfeeding can be. (Once you're over the initial hurdles!)  But I had hoped from the beginning to at least make it to the six months mark and we did - so I'm very happy about that.  I'll put the rest to prayer and really if Joe has decided to wean himself, that's okay with me - though I will miss our bed time snuggles.

So he is doing really well, gaining some weight again, and one happy little man!!

 He has really taken to food - so far he enjoys carrots, sweet potatoes, rice cereal, bananas, mashed potatoes, onion and avocado.

He hates cauliflower and turnip!

I make all my own (well except for the rice cereal), it's so easy and the only real 'special' equipment I have is a immersion blender, which I already owned because I use it to make soups and other things.  I'm not a fan of one use devices or kitchen gadgets!  Though I do have these great Baby Cubes to store all my prepared food in.  They were given to my by a friend when I had my eldest and I have hung on to them since.  I just think they are fantastic and super convenient!  I did start with the whole ice cube tray thing waaay back but after these Baby Cubes were given to me I was hooked!

So things are well, we are all over the flu now and feeling fine.  Life is gaining some normalcy as the new year marches along.  Hubby is still not back at work but hopefully they'll get that all figured out soon!

Meanwhile we're just trying to keep focused on all God has placed before us.....

....no matter what it may be!




  1. Well, his Daddy stopped nursing at around 6 months but I found myself pregnant then too, so I was just as glad. Your little guy looks happy and enthusiastic about his new food choices!

  2. I hope the weight comes back quick. I think making your own baby food is great. He is such a good looking boy.

  3. What a cutie pie!! Mmm, I guess with everyone eating yummy solid food around him all the time, he was just too curious to wait any longer, ha! I've heard that those baby cubes are awesome.

  4. Came by via Thirsty-Soul. Have you tried pumping? I've been pumping since my boy was born. He refused to nurse. I haven't caught back up to where I was but I still produce. My blog tells ALL about my struggles. Just a suggestion!


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