Jan 15, 2013

The Buck Stops Here

For anyone who has read my blog for a while should know all about how my hubby and I are NOT good with money.  I think I have mentioned a number of times how we have worked, reworked and reworked some more on our budget.

Budget, what a word!

Truthfully in my home I think it's about the most factitious word we could get around here!  All those times I have mentioned budgeting in the past...well basically it just meant sitting down, putting a bunch of numbers on paper and hoping for the best!

For the past few years I have asked my husband to 'get more on board' with our financial mess concerns.  With neither of us being good with money, (myself being slightly so teeny weenie slightly better at it) I have had the bulk of the responsibility for some time now.  Which basically translates to  "I'm the one who pays the bills on time."

Yup, that basically sums up budgeting in our home.

Obviously a sad state of affairs!  But God has been very gracious to us! Oh has He ever!!!  Don't get me wrong, my husband and I have made many, many mistakes and have a terrible heart attitude when it comes to money - but Gad has graciously helped us out and has been extremely patient with us.  Twice now, we have incurred a large amount of debt by either way of credit cards or line of credit.  And twice now we have sold our home and took a heavy chunk out of our profit to pay off those debts.

But our hearts never changed. 

So we are now in our (Lord willing) forever home - and again we have some debt under our belts.  And I stare at our bank accounts and wonder when it will end.  I do NOT want to sell this house, especially for something as utterly stupid as debt!


Two weeks into the new year and I have had some revelations!

ONE:  That my husband does not need to be apart of the financial day to day bits.  There is no biblical mandate for him to have that responsibility.  He is to be the leader and obviously I go to him with any major decisions - or even minor ones for that matter.  But as for the daily managing of the money, I finally realize that it is part of my 'keeping of our home' duties.  It is my responsibility and I have to take the time and sit down and manage our money.  Now this is what will work in our house - some homes the husband may be more apt at handling money - so this is not an across the board statement, it's what works for us.

TWO:  We don't HAVE to spend money! I know it sounds obvious but in our culture; not so much.  I decided to copy be inspired by my sister-in-law with a month of no spending.  I have never done that!  We are two weeks in and so far so good.  I mean I have my moments of weakness - but God is getting me through it.  I no longer leisurely look through the weekend flyers, nope - I pull out the grocery ones so I can price match and toss the rest in the burn pile.  I wear 'blinders' when I'm grocery shopping - avoiding as much temptation as possible.  It's still a challenge but it's becoming slightly second nature too.

And all this no spending is actually easier for the budgeting bit - less to enter into our expenses categories! ;) haha!

We have some pretty lofty dreams, my hubby and I, pay off our debt, more farming, living off our land, him working from home some day, paying off our mortgage as fast as possible, home renovations, a van for our family, running a antique/curious shop, maybe a B&B one day and lots of giving - oh how we love to give!  We need to get our finances in order to be able to even attempt to attain any of these.  We also need to get our finances in order so that we will someday be able to help our children.  We don't want them to have to learn so much the hard way when we have done it ourselves and would like to offer them more then just "Don't do what we do!" as a financial solution.

I haven't really touched much on this subject before but the Lord is changing my heart and I think I can help others by being more open, more honest...more real! 

I'd like to be an inspiration to other one-income families - real one income families!  The ones where that one income is not as much as two in most families.  But one-income living under God and all that He can do with that!

I will try to offer more frugal and practical living tips.  Sharing our journey of getting out of debt, learning to live debt free and working towards attaining some of our goals.  I know God is working on me and I think this accountability will be helpful!

I'm obviously not perfect at any of this and I am open to ides, suggestions and PRAYER from you!  I am excited on this working in my heart that the Lord is doing and I am excited at the possibilities - I'm also a bit overwhelmed, uncertain and at times a little lost.  But I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So look for THE BUCK STOPS HERE post to appear more regularly - ooooh I don't know if I like typing that....that means I actually have to do it...but I do want to.... I want to keep striving to live a life that pleases the Lord - in all areas!

I'll continue to pray and have the Lord change my heart and I'll pray that He guides me in what to post and how I can be an encouragement to all of you!  And pray for me too please- because I'm sure going to need it!




  1. Two Words.

    Dave Ramsey.

    Sounds like you need Financial Peace.

    Email me if you need/want to know more of our story.


  2. I have read most of his book - fantastic info there! I just lent it to my sister-in-law, hoping to help them before they head in the wrong direction! (new home, new baby, easy road to travel! :P ) But I'll email you and we can chat! I'd like to hear your story!! ♥

  3. Good for you for your honesty in this post and for deciding to buckle down and take action! I will definitely be praying for you guys as you embark on this new way of living. We've both always been of the persuasion that "if you can't pay for it outright, you don't buy it" (and we're really seeing the value in that with the job layoff now) but there are still definitely areas we need to shape up in. Dave Ramsey has some great ideas - I've been inspired by his thoughts on real estate and mortgages...lots to think about. Anyway, excited for you guys and I look forward to more posts on this topic :)

  4. Praying for you guys. We have been through the 'do withouts'. I find them a bit hard to remember now but there were many many thin lean years. God blessed us so much during those times. It is the time you truly rely on Him. And He comes through. Love you. MAG

  5. Transparency is such a blessing. Only when we allow The Light to shine on the places where we struggle will He do the work in us. Once begun is half done, and you are definitely on a wonderful journey. I've found learning to be a good steward of the money that flows through our family to be one of the most challenging, yet creatively stimulating things I can do. Kudos for taking the reins in this and freeing your husband from the burden. He's a blessed man. :)


  6. Hi! I jumped over from Anita's blog. Your home and land are beautiful! I pray you keep it forever! I enjoyed your enlightening post. I think you are inspired as everything you say is right on target. With baby steps and prayer, you will make it! I, too, have to stop spending so my husband can retire before he is too old. I also handle our spending/budget here, and am guilty of doing all the spending. I just have to peel off the layers of my wants! Your family is beautiful. That is a treasure!

  7. p.s...I just read your older IKEA post! Tsk! But I enjoyed your humor. I wanted to stop at the Baltimore ikea last week after visiting one of my sons, and the ramp was closed!!! and they didn't give advance notice so we couldn't get off the ramp prior.


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