Jan 18, 2013

This Little Piggy...

...went to market!!

Though they weren't so little any more....and they didn't actually go to market.....but to the butcher.

Here are some size comparisons of the pigs from the beginning to end.  The picture to the left was taken just a few days after they got here - they were about six weeks old.  The picture on the right was taken two days before they left - about four and a half months old.

I can't believe how fast they grew!  They were all close to 200lbs when they went to...uh market.

We had to have someone come to take them - our little car would not have fit them too well.  A man from our church is retired but will haul livestock for a very small fee.  He arrived early one morning to take our pigs away.

The girls were excited - they spied on the whole event.  And yes, with age appropriate information we informed them what was happening.  The girls just kept liking the idea that the pigs were leaving and coming back as bacon!

What should have taken ten minutes to load up the three pigs turned into 2 hours!  Problem being our barns are down a large slope and it had snowed over 2 feet (or more) just a week prior!  We have amazing and wonderful neighbours, who graciously came and plowed out the driveway to the pigs - but the man with the truck got stuck on his way back up the hill.

My poor hubby, the man with the truck and a friend from church kept trying to dig it out.  They worked at it and got it most of the way up the hill until the truck stuck again - this time for good!!  Thankfully we live just down the road from a big truck company - one that hauls all kinds of things and so hubby was off to ask them for a bit of help.

They sent this:

And well that big ole front end loader (I'm pretty sure that's what you call it) got that truck out lickety split!  Then off to the butchers.  By the end of the week we had our piggies back and packed away nicely into our stand up freezer.*

*side note here:  Just because I love to give credit to God when He loves us in those intimate ways- but this freezer was left behind by the previous owners - and guess exactly how much meat it can hold....

...THREE PIGS WORTH!!!  That's right, that is what three pigs look like when they come weee weee wee all the way home! ;) 
And of course that night I cooked up a couple of pork chops!

I'm sorry, I meant to take a better picture, one from when they were finished cooking - but I didn't and actually it's amazing I even got this one because when those babies hit the plate they were gone!  And I'll tell you I've never tasted anything quite like it!  It was amazing!  Flavourful, not watered down, melt in your mouth amazing!

Sooo I'm thinking we're liking this farming thing! OH and just so you know, not ALL that meat is for us - we did sell off a pig and a half - we had plans to sell at least another half pig...but after those chops...I'm not sure we're going to!




  1. I love this post! Cute little piggies! My son recently married into a family who has raised pigs (at one time 16, 4 per child, his wife and her siblings) and they did 4-H, showed them at the local county fair (in Maryland) and would sell them (and I'm sure kept some meat for themselves). So, now they just bought a house with some land, and plan on doing that all themselves. I can't wait to visit when they settle! It seems many of you young couples/families are called to the country. The pic with your daughters looking out the windows is so neat!

  2. That's going to be some good eatin'...
    It's always best when you know where you're meat comes from.


    Hope you don't mind eating pork - like a lot of it - regularly.

    One word of experiential advice... if I may? Either share it out, sell it off or vacuum seal over what you've already got packaged. Particularly if you've ground any of it or made it into sausage. It won't last. For whatever reason - and this has been our experience - pork just doesn't last. Not nearly like venison or beef will. It's so quick to get freezer burn. We can't figure it out and our one butcher friend has thoroughly recommended that as well.

    Just a thought for you to consider...

    Otherwise... enjoy living "high on the hog". :)

    BTW: I'm working on that other story for you...

    PS: I liked that photo of the girls looking at the window as well. Cuter than cute.

  3. Thanks Ladies! That's neat Andrea, we hope to get more pigs...we think - we dont' have tons of land - just over 7 acres but enough to do a few pigs, that's for sure!

    Bevy - thank you for the info, we have been looking into buying a vacum sealing system - maybe we should get on that then eh?!

  4. I love that you raise your own food and the kiddos know where their food comes from. I get lamb, goat, and venison and, sometimes, bison (but not a whole buffalo). All local and delicious. :)

  5. Yum. Invite us for supper some night! I love the picture of the gals looking out the window. So much excitement at your house! I love how God left you an upright freezer. He knew you were gonna need it! Love, MAG

  6. Wow! That's a lot of pork! ;) ;) But it is amazing how we have a God that knows exactly what our needs our before we do (re: freezer)! I grew up on a farm... and for a good part of it ... I liked it... but I could totally be a vegetarian... I'm not... but I could be ;)


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