Jan 16, 2013

Wheat Free Wednesday

It is Wednesday, right??  Okay - so I have been meaning to do this for a while - but again, I don't like committing to regular posts, accountability is not my strong point! But I'm going to try!  I posted just before Christmas about the launch of my second blog! (how in the world I figure I'll find the time to keep up on two blogs is beyond me - but accountability is also good motivation, right?!)

Now, not everyone is into gluten free cooking and baking, which is partially why I moved that to a second blog.  BUT I think many people might be surprised how easy and delicious it can be.  So for those that do not want to be bombarded with recipes they may never use, I am introducing Wheat Free Wednesday here on Homemaker Design.  I'll link up to one of my posts - something to tantalize you and entice you over to Pot of Flours.  There you can take a gander at what gluten free eating can look like and see that it isn't as obscure or sad as it may sound at first! ;)  Also, it might help you out if you are ever in need of a gluten free recipe for lets say, entertaining, a potluck or just for the fun of it.

So each (okay, let's be real) most Wednesdays, I will have a little something for you here, it won't always be my most recent post from Pot of Flours - but I'll try and pick a variety of things for your foodie enjoyment!

Today's feature:

Gluten Free Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

So go on - check em out - they're fantastic and trust me - you'll have no clue they're gluten free!!

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