Feb 22, 2013

Our Family Art Project

Last weekend we worked together to create a master piece!

At least, we think it's a master piece!


But wait...

what's this...

a secret message.....

 hidden in our art??

Philippians 4:8!

Okay - so for anyone who's stalked through Pinterest lately probably recognizes this technique.  I don't 'do' Pinterest per say...but yes...I have on occasion wasted, spent too much time, some time on there. 

The secret is alphabet stickers!!  Or in my cheap...err, inexpensive way...homemade alphabet 'stickers'.  Want to know more?  Okay, well here's how it all went down....

I took an old canvas...and painted over what was on it - bye-bye unsold art, hello re purposed canvas into masterpiece!


I painted it first with some beautiful antique white paint we had laying around. Yes, I know that using wall paint is a big 'no no' when it comes to fine art but meh, when have I ever been known to followed the 'fine art' rules!?!


So here is where it gets a bit finicky - at least for me - you can take the easy road if you like...take the easy road!


For most people they just run out to the local craft store and pick up a nice pack of some pre-cut all done up for you, stickers...not me...nooo!  I wanted to created this project using only materials we had on hand...even the frame my hubby made from material we had around the house!

So to make the stickers, I used a roll of that sticky tack/self laminating paper stuff that I already had.  I cut it to sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 (standard paper size)  Then using Microsoft Word and Paint Brush (move over photoshop, there are some 'new' programs in town!) I created my words, choosing a much loved font (bonus points if you figure out why...!) and printed each word on the reverse of the laminating paper.

Then...I took about a week...yes, seriously!  To cut out each word...letter by letter!  That is some painstakingly..... dry...mundane work, let me tell you!  But I won't...just trust me on this.

Then the fun began.  I stuck them to the canvas and once everything was on and all lined up...well as lined up as it was going to get, I painted over the whole thing.  Using a roller and some colour left over from a room we had just finished the day before! (I have been on a roll *groan* with painting these last couple of weeks!) 

Once that dried, I got out the acrylics (proper fine art material now!) and let the kids go at it.  Well, all of us 'kids' actually, went at it!

And yes, Joe was so excited and interested!  There was no way he wasn't going to get involved in the whole thing!

So it turned out better then I had expected...and even better then I hoped!  I had been wanting to do more scripture based art and this just fit the bill.  I love how it looks in our living room and I LOVE that we did it all together!

So it may not fit this 'fine art' criteria - but I still think it's pretty fine art!



  1. What a wonderful idea! It looks like you all had fun (well except the letter cutting).

  2. This is such a great idea, that all family members put their stamp on... great memory!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. The colors look nice against your living room wall too. And fun that it was a family project. I love little Joe's face as he helps out. <3

  4. That's funky cool.

    I think that's neat to have a family project done up there in your home.

    Love it.

  5. Such a neat project and lovely way to spend some family time together..
    Just found your blog through Bevy and I am a new follower..


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