Mar 10, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 10 - Childhood Memory

I'm going to be really busy today, we're leaving soon for church...already running late due to the time change...and I won't be back until much later.  I have lots of childhood memories that I could have thought about, focused on and used for my photo - but this simple toy, sitting in my living room caught my attention for today's challenge.

Do you remember it?  If you are a child of the 70's/80's then I'm sure you do!  I had this when I was little and loved it...I still do!  What I also love about it, is that every child that enters my home is drawn to it.  It's simple, brightly coloured, takes no batteries and opens up the world of imagination for endless hours of play!

So move over LeapFrog, Baby Einstein and iPads with your toddler apps - the classics are still; classic!

Okay, well gotta run - I can't wait to see all the other childhood memories captured on digital 'film'!

Just another blast from the
past for your viewing enjoyment!

*Oh and did you notice - I was a tad sneaky yesterday - my someone you love photo, just so happen to include all four of my most loved people....ooohhh sneaky, sneaky! hehe!


Tomorrow's challenge - SOMETHING BLUE

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  1. OH Yeah!! Both of those toys..

    Yours look "So New",though.. something's wrong with that picture.

    Then again. There were nine kids in my family for those toys to go through. ;)

  2. I love both these toys. The record player especially. Beautiful shots and wow, toys used to be so colorful!


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