Mar 11, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 11 - Something Blue

Three blue-eyed beauties!

Tomorrow's challenge - SUNSET

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  1. Ahh lovely. And I gazed long into the blue eyes in the middle when I was too young to know all the loving and caring that goes into raising a child and how it never leaves you. Look deep into the blue of all those eyes,they tell the story of who lies inside.

  2. I really like Anita's comment.

    Spoken truly.

  3. Blogger said they experience a problem w/my comment so I will try to "recreate" it..ha.

    I wanted to say your photograph people the best! And that the picture in the previous post with your husband and baby...your baby is so happy and loved!

  4. What bright blue eyes! Love it.

  5. What a nice picture!

    Olivia has grown up so much, she's becoming such a lovely young lady.


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