Mar 12, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 12 - Sunset

Ah, as I has most days have been...for weeks now...the sky...she was a gray, today!  And though, as we sat down for supper the clouds parted and the sun shone in, by the time the day was ending, the clouds were back again.

But I did manage to find a peek of colour, a dusting on the clouds before the sun sunk low, away for the night.

That is the beauty of this challenge - for me at least - is that I am looking more now.  Looking differently and with purpose.  I never would have considered a sunset shot on a day like today.  To the point, I had even considered switching out today for another day.  But I decided to let the day be and go with what came.  My mother-in-law got a lovely shot, had I changed today's subject would she have noticed as much?  I know I wouldn't have barely glanced at this dusting of pink or thought what a lovely scene it could be.  Nor would my husband and I have dawned our boots and trucked though the snow to see what we could see.  Taking a gander through the barns, discovering lost treasure in the melting snow, being startled by semi camouflaged cats and enjoying the cool air, fragrant with the smells of wet earth and the sounds of geese returning.

This challenge is marching along and soon Spring will be upon us! So keep on, keeping on!

Tomorrow's challenge - YOURSELF WITH 13 THINGS

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  1. "This challenge is MARCHing along..." hehe

    It's true about seeing things in a new way. I try to look at the theme a day ahead and mull it over in my head. Will this work or that? Sometimes I over think stuff, but I am having fun. I can't wait to see Dave's photos too. I'm sure he's doing a great job.

  2. Second attempt to comment! Blah on blogger. I love the sky over your barns and I like that you and Dave trudged through the snow to see the sights. I imagine you as a couple of pioneers.

  3. Your walk sounds nice. And I agree, this challenge is helping me be more observant as well.


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