Mar 16, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 16 - Long Exposure

*Phew* glad that is over!  What a learning curve today turned out to be!  I had wanted to get the hang of this long exposure thing without resorting to a night shot.  Don't get me wrong, those are great and I really like the effect - (thinking I'll have fun with this in the warmer months - thinking, kids and sparklers!?!?) BUT for me, I want this challenge to really challenge me.  Making me step outside the familiar and try different things that I wouldn't necessarily have tried before.

So on our way to visit my husband's brother and his (VERY pregnant wife...any day now!!!)  I remembered this waterfall just at the end of our road.  It's a little one but so very pretty - especially in the summer!!

Anyways, here is where the learning curve began...for I have learned, long exposure photos are very sensitive to light - too little or in the case for me today - too much!!  I ended up with MANY severely overexposed photos - as in solid white shots?!!?  Not very interesting for you all to gander at!

So I abandoned the waterfall and off we went to have our visit.  But on the way home, the waterfall had not escaped my mind and with the sun setting, hubby and the kids got out at home and I returned to the water.  Tripod and zoom lens in hand I was set.

But, it was cold, let me tell you!! C.O.L.D!  So I froze my hands and one big toe in order to bring you this lovely shot! I hope you like it!  I'm pretty happy that I got the effect I was after. 

And so again I am thankful for this challenge, for it making me push my limits and cause me to try, try again!  I hope you who are participating are still going strong, learning and enjoying this and I hope those of you who are still viewing along, are taking pleasure in the fruits of our labour!

Tomorrow's challenge - TECHNOLOGY

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  1. Lovely shot, and thank you for freezing your hands and one big toe to get it! Almost a painted effect... I didn't realize that long exposure is harder to get in brighter light, good thing I didn't try that!! Hmmm, now I'm curious though, because I've seen some really nice movement shots in full light - I wonder how they get the exposure right?

    1. I know, I've seen really nice shots too in full light. I thought it would be easy. I did read that a lens filter really helps - so that might be a good idea for down the road. Also, maybe because I was trying with so much snow around?!?! Either way, it was good experience - except for the cold extremeties! ;) lol!!

  2. I like it. I like how the grass looks detailed but the waterfall is all blurred because of the motion. Thankyou for getting cold hands and a cold toe. I attempted my shots for today last night because I read that my camera doesn't really do much in daylight but will at night.

  3. Yeah!! Success :) But now I want to visit the water fall.


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