Mar 20, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 20 - Bokeh

I found my bokeh happy place HERE - I think it's the best description, easy and straight forward and she includes a how to do it, plus some visual examples.  Sorry folks for not finding this yesterday - I'm sure it would have been helpful.  Would have helped me too...had I look it up before I did my bokeh photo shoot!


Live and learn!

But, what I did learn is that I'm just a bokeh fan from the get-go!  Seems that many of my favourite shots (or at least the ones I try to take) fall into the bokeh category.  I didn't know this...because up until a week or so ago...I didn't know the term bokeh fact...when I first saw this on the list for the challenge I thought it was a typo! ha!

For today, I settled on messing about with the multi-lights bokeh effect - and I'll say this, today's challenge was extremely rewarding, creatively draining and incredibly educational.  Still so much more to learn and become comfortable with but I am starting to finally grasp many of the aspects of shooting manually with my camera. enough is today's challenge;

I like it and I think I feel a series looming...thinking, new decor for our bedroom!?!

Also, because I was having a lot of fun...and had it in my mind to try.  I did a couple of shots to try to master, shaped bokeh...ummm...that proved a tad more challenging..and if I hadn't been doing about a million other things today...I might have had more time to enjoy it and play around a bit more.  But that being said, I'm satisfied with what I came up with.

Also, mostly because I was surprised to discover this, that one of my favourite forms of posting pictures for my blog here falls into the bokeh category..(so I'm starting to think just about 90% of my photos do, but now I have a name for my blurred background photos! haha!)  I'm including this picture...or pictures...depends on how you want to look at it.

Yup, that's right - in case you missed it, my baby girl is four years old today!  Our Spring baby!  Who had a fun...though snowy cold, day.  She requested carrot cake for her Birthday...because she had never had it before!  She spent the day playing, watching movies, crafting and being her silly, sweet, happy, precious blessing, self!


Tomorrow's challenge - FACELESS SELF-PORTRAIT

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  1. Great job!! I really like the second Scripture photo. How did you get that effect? Did you have a lamp or candle in the background? How did you get the heart shapes? What did you do with your camera in manual mode? Sorry for all my questions, lol, I just want to learn :)

    1. Thank you, glad you like both of those! It took me forever to get that second one and I just ran out of time to really get into it. Another day. You want to know my secrets eh??? Bah! An artist NEVER tells! ;) lol!! No, we can chat about, it over coffee! :D

  2. Beautiful! I don't think I'll get the hang of this effect any time soon. But now I know a photography term that I didn't know before.


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