Mar 25, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 25 - Something Pink

There were so many choices on this one for me.  Being the momma of two sweet girls, and a fan of this colour myself - something pink was not hard to come by....deciding what something pink to photograph...that was a much more challenging task!

So once again - I'm double posting pictures.

The fist one, I found, fit well with the overall feeling of my 30 Day collection.  The something pink is subtle here - it's the scarf, given to me by my hubby a few years ago.  I had hoped to set this photo against a background of pink sky but the sunset was not as co-operative as I had anticipated. 

My second photo is more...pinktastic!
I took a moment...and just a moment, mind you, and walking from my kitchen to my living room came back with as many pink items as I could manage.  Oh there were more...many more but this was all I gathered in that time for my second photo.

I find this picture very fun!

I see that this colour has two wonderful sides.  The soft, sweet side and the fun, fantastic side!  I think that's partially why I like it so much! 

Side note here - in five more clicks of my camera and I'll be rolling over for a third time - that means 30 000 photos in two years!  And I'm just now getting the hang of it all?!?

Tomorrow's challenge - CLOSE-UP

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  1. Oh my goodness. You are Crazy good at this..

    I honest to goodness hope you are blushing pink at this.. cuz it's true.

    1. Thank you Bevy!! :) And yes, I am blusing pink - I blush at the drop of a hat, so I'm certainly blushing at your sweet words here! :)

  2. I love the first photo! How on earth did you get that angle though? Or did you have the camera propped somewhere with the timer? And aaahhhh pink overload! Guess that's a given with little ladies in the house :)

    1. Thanks Steph! :) No, I didn't prop it up, it's a "selfy" (okay, so I've heard that term like 5 times in the past few days - so I'm just accepting it! lol) I'm actually holding it behind me at that angle - and that was my first shot too! ha!! Love it when everything just works!

    2. oh and HAhaha - funny thing about that second photo...uh...about half of those things are...MINE! ;) hahahhaha!!!


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