Mar 26, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 26 - Close-Up

This necklace was a gift from my sister a few years ago.  She laughed when I opened it because she figured out - after buying it for me - that she believed it to be a gift that was suppose to be given between two people in love.  She offered to exchange it for another one. 

Obviously I did not exchange it - I love it!  And I think of her every time I put it on.  It jingles, like it has a bell on it, so my day is just a little more musical whenever I wear it!  And we all know how much I love music, so does she! 

My sister lives on the other side of the country and we don't see each other often, so I enjoy having this little memento of her.  A reminder of two people in love - sisters! ♥

Tomorrow's challenge - FROM A DISTANCE

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  1. I've seen you wear this necklace but never noticed the little rabbits before - cute! I think you're becoming quite the jewelry photographer :)

  2. what a sweet story..

    I love it.


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