Mar 28, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 27 - From a Distance

The road home.  It leads to our farm house and it leads us out to the rest of the world.  I look down it when I walk out to get the mail and see if anyone is coming our way.  I love how is meanders about and how it is adorn with trees that will soon be budding new leaves.  I love walking it and I look forward to the days when our children bike along it.  I love the potholes...just not so much in our old car.  I love that it is gravel and the sounds of the tires as they travel along it.  Oh the road home,  a simple blessing but a blessing indeed!

Oh and another picture...because I think it fit the bill but it was also an example of a previous 'lesson'; from a low angle.  (I posted it because my mother-in-law had a similar idea...looking UP at our houses - seeing it from a different perspective!  But I think I like hers more!)

And yes, these pictures are a day late...I may be off now - I will try to get today's actual challenge done for today - but I'm not feeling well.  A bit of a cold meets the flu - and though my hubby was so great to take yesterday off to watch the children and let me rest - I'm on my own today.  And of course all I want to do is crawl into bed - but alas the baby has other ideas and has decided to take a strike from nap time today! :/   Oh well - the weekend is just around the corner.....

Tomorrow's challenge - FLOWERS
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  1. Nice pictures. I like the red of your mailbox. I hope afternoon naps aren't on strike too. :)

  2. SWOONY!

    I love your house. I love your property. I love your road...

    I sure do hope we get to come see it one day. :)

    So sorry you're not feeling well. I'll be praying for you.. and your little ones that it will "be much better" and that they will let you rest.

  3. Sad you aren't feeling well. Your pictures are great as usual though. I especially like the one of your house. This photo challenge has certainly made me take a look at things around me! Feel better soon. Love you. MAG


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