Mar 29, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 29 - Black and White

I had fun's an understatement...I had A LOT of fun today!!  Though I was disappointed that the sun did not shine, it was still lovely outside and my being sick has decided to morph itself into a mild cold - that's okay, I can handle that!

So we took a quite family day.  We had a delicious breakfast, complete with what my hubby is calling, "Good, Fried Eggs"....*groan*, reading the Easter story and talking with the girls about the importance of today.  After some more Easter celebrating and puttering about the house, we decided to talk a little walk.

Of course I grabbed the camera!


First stop on our walk- our barn.  My black and white pic of the day....though I love just about all that I'm posting today....I'm kinda realizing just how much I adore black and white photography!!

Leaving the 'homestead', we meander down the road...

Crisp and cool, it smelled of Spring....and cow was....bliss!



Stopping again to revisit my 'lady' friends!  Still as sweet as ever! 

I snagged this next photo - it turned out gorgeous but I want to give a shout out to my sister-in-law, Stephanie - she had wanted to stop to take a picture of these horses for the Eyes day (day 14) of the challenge but she got visiting too long here and her little guy was all to ready to go home so I think she did not have the time to stop to get a photo of these gals.  So here's one for you Steph - that is, until we go walking next time you are here!

But these weren't the only beautiful 'creatures' I had the pleasure of photographing, as par for the course I couldn't leave you without some sweet shots of my littles!


So it was a lovely day - and after returning home, enjoying a yummy supper - we tore the house apart!  For tomorrow hubby and his brother-in-law are sanding our floors!! Oh JOY!! More on that another time!!

And how sad - only ONE more day of this challenge! :(  I'm sure going to miss it!  I'm going to miss the motivation, the inspiration and the learning process!

But...I did NOT forget that there are 31 days this month...oh no!  I'll be asking one final challenge from you for the 31st....but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is!

Tomorrow's challenge - SELF-PORTRAIT

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  1. At the risk of being repetitive, lovely shots. I am of course, partial to the kiddo ones. See you tomorrow!

  2. Lovely, as always...

    you so inspire me!

  3. I've never heard anyone refer to the smell of cow manure as BLISS! :) I guess it's better than pig manure. Maybe you were referring to the general smell of spring. Great pics by the way. Looking forward to the last challenge. I was going to come up with something, but I'll wait to see what you do to challenge us. :)

    1. Oh but it IS!!! I really do LOVE it!! Okay - not love it in the way that I'd want, say, a candle of it or a room spray but we couldn't wait to move to the country and enjoy ALL of the experiences! ;)


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