Mar 4, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 4 - Something Green

Well, I mulled about much of the morning, debating on my 'something green'.  Not because I couldn't find anything but because it opened my eyes to how much green is around me!  It helps too that I recently painted my kitchen a lovely (at least I think so!) Spring green and that the baby's room is an apple green colour.  Not to mention all his baby things have tons of green to them.  I even debated taking a photo of him in one of his green sleepers - he is our "Green Bean" after all....or used to be until he got all baby-chub like!

But then the morning got away from me as we began moving some furniture about...Spring fever setting in I fear!...and then there was a knock at the door.

One of my sister-in-laws came for a visit, with very exciting, joyous news AND my "something green" for me to photograph!

A very much anticipated engagement ring!!  Her birthstone - Peridot.  Isn't it just lovely!?!  And the wedding is tentatively set, three short months from now - needless to say, I think things will be busy for a while! 

The other exciting thing...for me at least, is that part of this challenge is working for me.  In that, not only did I hope to get more motivated but I was hoping to get more familiar with and better use of my camera.  And this photo was just that.  I set my old gal into 'M' mode (Manual mode) and played about with the aperture, shutter speed and light settings to get almost exactly what you see above!  (I did enhance the green balance of the stone to emphasize just how green the stone was and increased the contrast - but that was it!)  So I am a tad proud of myself.  I really hope this challenge will do more of this for me!

Okay - so I'm still waiting on a few of you to get going on this challenge!  Don't forget to come back and link up in the comments - when you do I'll include you to the list I'm keeping at the end of each post.

Happy Photoing!!!


Tomorrow's Subject - FROM A HIGH ANGLE

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  1. This is really pretty... you're really good with your camera. I'm glad your doing this project - cause I think we're going to see some real beauts come out of this.

    So. that said. I think I'm just going to continue to enjoy yours. I've got to much else on my plate to be thinking about this for right now. Although you certainly have spit a bug into my ear for next time.

    Keep em coming...

  2. Thank you Bevy! I'm so happy with this pic!! I appreciate your compliments and encouragement!! I hope I can continue to delight you! ;) I know things are busy with you - so don't sweat it right now! There will be another time - maybe you can host the next one!?! ;) :)

  3. A beautiful ring, and I LOVE this photo!! I will have to get some tips from you - I can do composition and editing but I am still quite clueless with my camera when it comes to manual settings.

  4. What!?!?! She needs to call me. She meets a boy and then I never hear from her. oh, well... C'est la vie


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