Mar 6, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 6 - From a Low Angle

The mountain stretches before me.  It reaches higher...and higher...and HIGHER!!  Is there an end?  Will I ever reach the summit?  I climb, fall back down, find the strength to continue and climb once more.  Clambering through the treacherousness of such a feat, hoping to reach the top before the sun sets.  I am exhausted, worn, gasping and praying to finish this struggle before it finishes me.

At last I can see the top, the end is near.  Just a little longer, I tell myself.  I will make it!  Scaling the mound before me, coming ever nearing my goal.  And it so?  Sweet relief I have made it!

Yes, the laundry is finished.

Tomorrow's subject - FRUIT

Other Photo Challengers:

*Thirsty Soul



  1. hehe, you and laundry are just not friends, are you! Congratulations on tackling the mountain! I like the colours in this photo.

  2. I believe that this exact pile of laundry needs to find it's way to the clothesline for the from a distance shot...just picture it the clothing blowing in the wind with the field...barn...children frolocking in and around them.....ROMANTIC!!!! Richard made a good point though...the line may have to go from house to.......BARN....hahahaha my solution.....panoramic funny

  3. I'm Still laughing......

  4. I conquered the dish pile next to the sink this morning! I know the feeling. :)

  5. Tomorrow. You say the subject is Fruit?

    You could show the same pile of laundry - folded,finished - as the "fruit" of your labors.


    Enjoy - your day. Oh, and that anonymous comment up there was not from me... although it made me chuckle as something I "might" have said (similarly) not too long ago.


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