Mar 8, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 8 - A Bad Habit

I know today is suppose to be A bad habit - but my picture incorporates a few.

1. Obviously...I'm a nail biter! :p 
2. That's my computer in the background...bad habit there?....Waster of time!
3. The paint splotch on my finger'nail'? ;)  (Okay - so I might have cheated just a bit on this one - I actually took this picture on day 5, after painting my daughters' bedroom - I know, bad me BUT I just couldn't pass up that paint splotch - see?? It's a smiley face with it's tongue sticking out!!! )  It represents a bad habit of mine in that I am just never careful when it comes to painting!  Be it, painting a room or a picture I usually end up with paint everywhere - and you know what?  I just don't care! 


Now you see why I had to take this picture that day?  That paint splotch is completely random!!! I was sitting down to put my post up for that night when I noticed it!! Crazy eh!!?!?

Okay - so I promise to be good from now on - only pics taken on the day I do the challenge....okay I don't promise but I'll try really hard! 


Tomorrow's subject - SOMEONE YOU LOVE

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  1. Your picture looks almost the same as mine! Citrus first now bad habits! Oh, no.

  2. Crazy paint face! Maybe you end up with paint everywhere, but the end results are so great!

    p.s I love your new blog header, lovely!


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