Mar 9, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 9 - Someone You Love

I love this man for so many reasons!

He inspires me with his biblical knowledge, his memory for the word, his optimistic look on life, his playfulness, his musical talent, his compassion, for the way he adores our children.  He is an amazing father, so compassionate, caring and yet the one the children know is the final authority!  He loves deeply and loyally.  He brings me flowers and picks ones that co-ordinate with my decor! ;) He has a strong servant heart and a passion for people.  He is the answer to many prayers for many years.  I am very blessed to be his wife and his best friend!

Someone I love; my husband!

Also I am very impressed with his photography ability!! He has been doing this challenge right along with me and he is really quite good!!! And I don't think I'm being all that bias! ;)  I'll post his collection, (if he'll let me) at the end of our little challenge here.

Tomorrow's subject - CHILDHOOD MEMORY

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  1. Daddy love at its finest! Two sweet boys.

  2. Nice post :)

    I love Joe's face here! Hopefully Dave lets you share his photos at the end of the challenge!

  3. This is lovely - all around.

    There is nothing quite like a daddy's love.

    You know. I know. How much it is missed when it isn't there.

    Our kids are blessed. Your kids are blessed. It sounds like you have a wonderful man!

    Again. I love your thoughts here with this photo.


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