Mar 2, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 2 - What You Wore

Phew - just getting this in by the wire.  Sorry to be posting so late but we were out at a 90th Birthday party today!! Isn't that wonderful!?! My step-grandfather turned 90!! He still lives on his own, drives, plays cards, bowls, manages a large house in the middle of our Nation's Capital, up keeps his in ground pool and creates wonderful gardens - wow!  If I am half as on top of things at half his age, I'll be doing all right!

So we came back and I have a moment to upload and share with you, day two of the challenge.  If you missed day one, including the list to follow, you can find it here!

Oh and YAY to all of you who have signed up so far for this challenge!  Extra YAY!! For those of you who have done day one already too!

Here is what I wore today and bonus for me, I was going out today so my outfit was pretty decent...unlike the pajamas that might have been the pic for you had this challenge fallen on another day!


I wanted to stay away from the whole, me in the mirror shot - not that I have anything against that and I'm sure lots of you will go that route - I just wanted to express this day a little different.  And also because I forgot to include my necklace and well, for me, what outfit is complete without make up, here is another photo;

So two days down, twenty eight to go!  Remember this is to be fun, creative and to get your photo juices flowing!  A great way to get ready for the warm weather to come and thus even more opportunities for picture taking fun!

Have fun and link up in the comments!

List of those who are up to the challenge so far:

*These are a few of my favourite things
*Journey Through the Years

See you tomorrow - the challenge - CLOUDS


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  1. Day 2 - check

    Now I'm going home and going to bed!


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