Mar 1, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Self Portrait

WHAT??? It's March??  I'm not ready!!!  Oh February - you're such a crazy month - weird weather and only 28 days long - what's up with that??

Anyways, I had been planning, since the middle of last month, to do a 30 day Photo Challenge, starting!

I found this list on one of my many Pinterest adventures - I am so falling in love with Pinterest...someone needs to stop me!  But don't..okay!?! ;) 

Here is the list I found and have been saving to do this month:

And not only do I like the idea of it - but the list is pretty too!


I'm starting today and I am encouraging anyone else who is interested to join in!  I'd do the whole linky up thing...but I did a quick look into it and it seem that it costs money!

So you can just leave a comment with a link to your site when you post your pic.  And if you're worried because I didn't give you enough time, (yeah, sorry about that!) to get today's photo done - don't sweat it!  There are 31 days in March, so you have a bonus day in case you miss one!

The first one there is a self-portrait.  It turns out, this was harder then I expected!

At first I went for a classic attempt.  Soft lighting, simple background, black and white...but it just wasn't right.  I then decided on a picture in front of my much loved wallpaper wall, but it seemed to just not say, "me"!   I walked around the house contemplating the perfect setting for my self-portrait.  I know the 'rules' to taking a good, or at least decent, photo, but then I spied this corner of my studio.

A messy, compilation of items...things that said, "Me!" and so breaking the 'rules' this is where I decided on my self-portrait;

I know, it's a busy background but it's all stuff that says, "Kaitlin".  And I think it sums up a lot about me quite nicely.  There's my first bible on the shelf, next to my dictionary - for good reason!  There are my headphones for music enjoyment and books on art.  My big ol' bag of gift bags and wrapping supplies.  There is some of my artwork and various organization items.  The baby's car seat is there and a 'paint pallet' chalk board that used to belong to my dad.  OH and my coffee - don't forget the coffee!

So there you have it, day one!  Now it's your turn.  I won't necessarily talk about each photo when I post and you don't have to either - it is a photo challenge after all not so much a blogging one.  But it's good motivation for me to get out my camera more and become more familiar with it again. 

Can't wait to see what all of you come up with!!



  1. heehee...
    I thought you'd like Pinterest.

    I like this idea...

    and maybe I'll do it, too. We'll see.


  2. This sounds like a fun project! And it will be fun to compare photos of those who participate, since each assignment leaves lots of room for creativity :)

    I love this photo of you, Kaitlin. You look beautiful but I also think it captures your personality well. We have to go out in a bit so I don't think I'll get to the first assignment today...and we are away Saturday and Sunday! But I'm in so if I'm behind a few days I'll catch up Monday!

  3. I want to join! No promises on photo quality since I'm a point-and-shoot person.

    Do you need to take that specific picture each day? I'm just wondering if I will be able to get a sunset or sunflare with all this dreary weather. I may have to double up some days since I don't have internet at home.

    But it sounds like lots of fun!!

  4. I did day 1! Here's the link:

    So excited to be part of this. :)

  5. Can't promise how faithful I will be,(you know your mother-in-law is a procrastinator)but here goes.

  6. where did you get the large photo of the list? I tried right clicking and saving and then resizing but it was still small...


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