Mar 31, 2013

A Few of My Thirsty Journey Through Design

Did you like that title?

It's a little shout out to the ladies (and myself) who ventured with me these past 30 days of our challenge.  I give a big KUDOS!!! to you gals!! And also to my BFF and Hubby for following along on their own.

I'm proud of each of you!!

Okay - so day 31's challenge was to pick your favourite (not necessarily your 'best') photo and say why, and also to talk a little about this challenge and the past 30 days.  Before I do, I put together a little collage of some of the highlights from the past 30 days - this was inspired by my sister-in-law, Stephanie at Thirsty Soul.  She did up a few of hers in this format and I thought it looked great!

(plus then it shows up for the pic for this post and not a repeat picture - I like that idea too! Thanks for the inspiration Steph! :) ♥ )

After I picked out the photos for this collage, I could really see, that people are certainly a popular subject for me.  I think I kinda already knew that but I was a little amazed at how many of my photos contained people or people parts! ha!! on to my favourite and the why of it.

I think this, is my favourite picture from the challenge:

But before I get to the why of this being my favourite I have a confession...

dun, dun duuuuun!!!!

There is a secret reason to why I decided to do this challenge.  A couple of months ago, I began to get severe camera envy! Terrible, I know!! I was coveting all those 'non-entry level' DLSRs.  I Googled various ones, coveted, compared different specs, coveted,  researched, 'shopped' around, coveted some was bad!

My camera is only two years old! :P (yes, I may have already taken 30 000+ photos in that time - but it's still practically 'new'! I mean I haven't even dropped it ...yet! ;) lol!!)  Soo, I was on the net, ogling cameras when I came across a site that showed how a woman actually learned to use her camera and she had before and after photos of the results. 

I was blown away.

Then I was ashamed!

I decided then and there that before I even considered thinking about a new(er) camera I darn well better learn to use mine right!

Thus this photo challenge was born!

And here is why the above photo is my favourite.  It was taken for day 4 of the challenge - Something Green - early on and what I loved (and mentioned in that post) was that this was the first time I switched over to manual mode and went at it.  Before I lived in Aperture Priority Mode (AV on my camera) and thought I was doing well - figured I had a good grasp on what I was doing and that the only way to improve was to, obviously, buy a newer, better camera.

But this photo changed all that.  This picture came off the camera almost entirely as you see it - a slight tweak to enhance just the green of the stone and a slight contrast change and voila!

So with this photo I gained some serious confidence....and serious repentance!



I have learned so, sooo much through this challenge - MUCH more then I anticipated!!! I gained knowledge and confidence.  I certainly don't nail every photo I take, and yes I still often take 50 or more photos to end up with that one 'perfect' shot - but I actually understand my camera and how to technically take a good photo!

I am really going to miss this photo challenge - I loved the motivation!  I think I may follow a few other bloggers with the idea for a weekly photo post....hmmm...will have to think on it or link up to one.

So...I think that sums up the last 30 days for me, in regards to this challenge.  But I have one last surprise for the three bloggers who ventured along with me.

I have gone back through all of your photos and picked the ones I thought were your best!  And for each of your I had a hard time narrowing down to one.  So, I have picked the one I think was your best, in my take it as you will! ;)  And two runner up photos...because...well I just couldn't narrow it down more then that!

I encourage you ladies to keep at it and we can all decide together if you like, to keep up on the one a week idea - I know Kendra at These are a few of my favourite things - is thinking about it so I think it's a good idea! 

You have each done a splendid job and should be proud of how you've grown in this!!

So posting these in order of who joined this challenge:


Your Best Photo of the Challenge - Day 22 - Hands
I love this photo Kendra!! I love the feel of it and the composition is just gorgeous.
I really love how it makes me feel like there is a story here! 
This is a beautiful picture - ready for framing! 
Wonderful work - you really grew and embraced this challenge!!
Runner Up - Day 14 - Eyes
I like the creativity here and I get a real kick out of
the juxtaposition of this picture!
Honourable Mention - Day 15 - Silhouette
This is just beautiful!!
I'd love to see it big and hanging on a wall!!



Your Best Photo of the Challenge - Day 30 - Self Portrait
Umm, where to start...other then this is a GORGEOUS photo of you Anita!!
It really captures your beautiful smile and youthful self!!
You look natural, the lighting is lovely and the entire photo is interesting!
I think you have really gown as a photographer in this and I can see that you are looking at
things in a bit of a different light because of doing this challenge.
Great work!

Runner Up - Day 27 - From a Distance
This is just a really interesting photo!!
I love the composition, the lighting and the colours!

Honourable Mention - Day 13 - Yourself With Thirteen Things
How could I not mention this one!
You blew me away with your creativity and ingenuity on this one!


Your Best Photo of the Challenge - Day 15 - Silhouette
This is such a lovely photo Stephanie! 
It is peaceful and serene.  I just adore that sliver of moon!
The composition is great, moving your eye all around the photo!
It's just beautiful!
I know you had a slow start and wasn't always inspired by this challenge but I think you did well
and I think you came up with some really nice photos and gained some great knowledge!
I look forward to what else you will come up with and watching you continue
to grow in this skill!

Runner Up - Day 20
This is soo pretty!!
And the fact that it came off the camera just as it is, is wonderful!
I love the fresh colours - it makes me long for Spring!!
Honourable Mention - Day 30
 I love how natural this feels.I actually forgot you took it! :)
I think it's a really nice picture of you!
Great job!

Well that wraps up the challenge - but I found this quote and thought it a fitting conclusion for the challenge. 

Never lose an opportunity for seeing anything that is beautiful;
For beauty is God's handwriting--a wayside sacrament.
Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every fair flower,
And thank God for it as a cup of His blessing.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. What a nice surprise to see this post with some of our photos! Thanks for your compliments and encouragement! I've really enjoyed this challenge and will get on that final post...and the few photos I've missed ;)

  2. Also, great job trying to morph all our blog titles into one big title...not sure if it makes complete sense but it was entertaining!!

    1. Hahah - I know, I tried to make it make proper sense but just couldn't quite do it without changing the words. Oh well, entertaining at least! ;) lol!!

  3. Ha ha. Cute title! Glad you posted some of our work here. Some of mine were a blur until I went back to look at them again. I lost a week or so of full 'brain function' with my accident. This was such fun!

  4. Thanks so much Kaitlin! I really enjoyed this journey too. I did get overwhelmed with the Bokeh... but I'll stick to what I'm good at and try it again sometime. I've put together a list of photo ideas for each week for a year... so I'm going to see how far I get. Some of them are seasonal and some of them are just fun. I morphed about 3 lists together to make my list. If you want, I can email you the list or you can go at it yourself. I choose a "hair" theme for the week of Chrissy and my friend in Ottawa's weddings, so I hope to get a nice 'do. :)

  5. You've been nominated for the Liebster award! Go to my blog for details and instructions:

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    6. Fiction or non-fiction?

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    10. Funny memory.

    11. What's your favourite season, and why?


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