Apr 30, 2013

Take Pride. It's a Daisy

Daisy is the flower for the month of April......making it also my husband's flower....

....it is also the gift he received from our best friends...


Yes, that's right - our best friends gave my husband a Red Ryder BB Gun for his 30th Birthday!  Including those various cans for target practice - aren't they thoughtful! ;) lol!!

And yes...that is my four year old standing with the men as they do target practice - they literally went through 300 BB's that day - did he turn 30 or 13?

Today is actually my hubby's 30th but we had some friends and family in on the weekend to help celebrate this milestone.  He's the last, in our close knit group of four, to hit the big three-oh.  Do you remember last year?  When we had my hubby's birthday celebration at our friend's house?

We had no idea, then, that in a few short weeks we would sell and move and that this year we would be able to celebrate with a bon fire on our own land!  Praise the Lord!!  And thankfully my husband did not burn off his eyebrows or eyelashes this year and no, no one shot their eye out!


We had amazing weather, great guests, delicious food and lots of fun!  As I said, the weather was unbelievable for the end of April and I think a few of us were a tad...uh...sun kissed by the end of the day. We had family in, complete with our two nephews, some good old friends and some dear new ones too!  All the kids adored the new play set and Joseph enjoyed eating various grasses and leaves when no one was looking!


Oh and someone gave this crazy lady (me!) a hunting knife to cut up the birthday cake!?!? 

Terrifying eh?? - and I'm not all that talented with cutting a cake...or using a knife ....hmmm.... anyways the cake was well enjoyed!

So my sweet hubby is now on his way home from a long day at work.  I have baked him a second peanut butter cheese cake to celebrate - because, well that first one was gobbled up too fast!  It will just be the five of us tonight, celebrating and thanking God for this wonderful man!

I feel very blessed and honoured to be able to celebrate and be apart of his life!  He is the love of my life, my best friend and more then I could have ever hoped for.  I pray that God richly blesses him this year and draws him ever closer!  I pray that my sweet hubby continues to live boldly and passionately for the Lord and that this year rains down wondrous and amazing things for him.

Apr 26, 2013

Making Cents

Well, it's been a while since I talked cents - dollars and cents that is! ;)



Remember my post titled, The Buck Stops Here - well I had said I would post more on the subject - talking about how we are doing financially, money saving ideas and tips, steps for living a thrifty life and what have you.

Seems I have been awfully neglectful on this subject, so thought it best to post again and let you all know how things are going and get back into the groove of this subject.

First I want to say that God blessed us greatly after that first post - no, not with monetary gain or anything of the sort.  No; something better!

He sent accountability!


God gave us a dear family to walk through all of this with us, helping us remain focused and on task - I've been praying that He blesses them greatly for all they have and are doing for us! You know who you are - THANK YOU!! (but I've been saying that a lot to you, haven't I!?! ♥)

So we completed our month of no spending (a way back in January!) and it went well.  It was different and a great eye opener to the realization that, you do not need to spend money.  And as I sat to write this post I thought...you know I think it's time we did it again!  May might be a good month - we have our Anniversary and Mother's day - so other then those two 'events', there isn't a lot we will need to spend money on, so I think we should do another no spend month!  So pray for us on that, okay!?

How are we doing you ask?  Well; better.  Really!  For the first time in our lives I actually tracked our spending - for three.whole.months!  That's monumental people!!  We are paying off our debt and staying (mostly) within our means....it's a learning curve okay!?!


And to be completely honest - because that's just who I am - I have to tell you that I did not track the month of April *sheepish grin*!  Because of that, I knew it was time to get this post going! I fear we may be slipping back into old habits.  Getting lazy, not paying attention, living in the now a bit too much!

Most times, the fact that I didn't track April would de-rail me.  Cause me to throw in the towel and call it quits.  But I'm not going to!  I'm going to cut our loss, so to speak, and re-start with May.  I know that tracking what is spent does not stop you from spending necessarily - but I did find that the accountability was really helpful - much more so then I thought tracking our spending would be.

So back to that, this coming month!

Do I have any thrifty tips for you all?  Hmm...well as some dear friends of ours are discovering - when you have no money to speak of, you can get awfully creative!  The number of times when we were sorely without cash, it was amazing the ingenuity and creativity that the lack of funds brought out in us.  So I'm trying to do more of that, using what we have around the house to make do for what we want or need.  Remember my rainy day DIY? *wink wink*

I strongly encourage this practice!  I'll be posting a few more projects to inspire and encourage you soon!

We received our tax refund and we are still praying about how to spend that money.  My hubby has said that it will most likely go to the necessities of life - i.e. eye and dental appointments.  Not fun, but necessary.  So I don't think we'll be purchasing a van anytime soon.  But that's okay!  And, really, where do I need to go anyways?  Because as my youngest daughter put it, "We will never, never go to another park again. We got one here now!"  Because the Lord is good and used our kind neighbours to bless us with this:

It's an amazing, safe and sturdy play house!  I cannot get over just how generous of them this was!  They not only gave it to us, but spent over and hour bringing it here and setting it all up!  What a blessing they are!

So I think that sums up a bit of where things are at.  God has blessed us with some wonderful people and we couldn't be more thankful!  I'll try to post more often on this - it's real good accountability!  Plus, like I said in the first post, I want to use all that we have learned and are learning, to bless and encourage others!

Have a happy weekend and why don't you go partake in a free activity and then come back and share it with me!

Link up!


Apr 24, 2013

1000 Words - Food, Glorious Food




Homemaker Design


Apr 19, 2013

Sunny Spring Days in the Country Side

Well the other day the sun finally came out!  Okay...so that may be a tad dramatic - the sun has been out before but really, this year has been one gray year!

I think I've mentioned that enough already...just saying, when it came out we were ecstatic!  Hence the title for and all the sun filled photos of my 1000 Words post for this week - oh and there is still time to link up!  A picture is worth a thousand words - so post some photos, no words, letting each image tell it's own story, your story, of every day life!

So we got out doors - the wind was cool but the whole day was gorgeous!  We soaked it in!  The girls and I played and puttered about the yard while Joseph slept. 


I snapped most of the photos from the 1000 Word post then - it was just so nice.  And seeing as we were not living here this time last year, I was very excited to see those tulips and a few other plants poking their heads up through the soil!

So after the baby woke up, we headed down the road...

...to visit our sweet neighbours and see their new calves. 

The kids sure got a kick out of seeing that baby and they even got to watch it drink from it's momma.  But honestly - the girls were most excited about the barn cats!  lol!
At least Joe liked the calf!

We are very blessed with such lovely neighbours!  This family has lived on our road for two generations now - it's pretty neat!  They are the ones that own the fields behind our home and they really are so kind!
They also have a donkey...named Jack!

Oh it felt so good to be out soaking up the sun!  
After the kids were in bed, while the sun was sinking low, my hubby and I took a walk around some of our land.  When we moved here last May, most of the fields were over-grown so we really didn't get a good look at everything.
But now it's Spring and so we wanted to walk a few of the fields and see what we could see...

....needless to say, it was a perfect ending to a gorgeous day!
We are still overwhelmed by what God has blessed us with.  It has been a long hard road and I know there will be many more trials and testing in the days to come but we are immensely thankful for our Lord and all He has done for us!  We feel greatly blessed and undeserving but we know we serve a wondrous and loving God and praise Him for all we have!

 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through Him
Colossians 3:17

Apr 17, 2013

1000 Words - Oh Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun


Homemaker Design

Apr 16, 2013

Rainy Day Project - Kitchen Canisters DIY



That is our weather...but all that ice is gone - so that is good - now it's rainy... and gray - VERY gray these days!

So to brighten things up - I changed my kitchen colour scheme!  I have a bright spring green kitchen and was accenting it with a plum type of purple - but then I fell in love with pink! 

Mostly, I fell in love with these tea towels from IKEA.  As in brought them home, fell in love!  But then I had to find a budget friendly way to add more pink accents.  Now I did clear all this pink with my hubby first - and since it's only an accent colour he's okay with it!

Plus if I'm happy in the kitchen, then we're all happy in the end!



So this brings me to my much loved, kitchen canisters.

I've had these for a few years and I really like them.  But they just did not go with my new pink, floral feel. (if only all of my life's troubles were this 'hard'!)
So I gathered tape, scissors, glue stick, ink pad, letter stamps and scrap book paper, oh and coffee - of course I had coffee!
Simple and easy and about 20 minutes later...give or take - did this in between about a dozen other tasks....so not sure exactly how long it took - but really it was no time at all - my coffee was still warm by the end!

I basically just picked out four pages that matched the look I wanted.  I cut the paper to size, wrapped it around the canister and tapped it in place.  Then I picked more paper that I thought matched each tin and stamped the names on that paper.  Slapped some glue on the back of those and stuck them to the paper - voila!

I really like how they turned out!  Sweet and simple - country fresh - love it! (sorry for the bad lighting - rainy days do not shed much light into this part of my kitchen...and I was too lazy to find a better place to photograph these.)

I know, you are probably wondering why I didn't just take a picture of the rest of the kitchen, but I promise - one more month and then the house reveal - not to build up suspense...I hope to have a couple more rooms painted by then...but doubting that will happen.  I think it will be fun to give the ol' house tour one year later - it's definitely more 'us' now, feels like home - so I feel ready to show all of you.

Not that this home is done - nooo, many years yet to go on that - but that's okay!

Anyways, there's your rainy day craft - now get to it - let me see what you create on this rainy, blah day - let's brighten it up a little!


Apr 12, 2013

Have An Ice Day

This was our weather outside today...



Oh it was pretty - in it's own right...though I think I would have found it prettier in February, NOT April!  But lovely just the same!
It was basically rain that froze on contact - so we stayed indoors. 
Stoked the fire...

....baked some bread, to enjoy for our brie cheese and salami date night tonight....

...and thanked God for a warm, cozy home and all of our family safe in doors.

Have a blessed and joyous weekend!


Apr 11, 2013

Hello My Name Is...


I'm linking up with:

Hello My Name Is

This link up is to share the new name you have been given, the name that Jesus died for.  The name I have chosen therefore is, Sinner.

Before coming to know the Lord, my Saviour, in 2003, I did not know my name.  I did not know I was a sinner.  But Sinner is who I am and Sinner is who Jesus gave His precious life for. 

but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

My new name...was more of a revealing of my true name.  It was the name I had before knowing our Lord but I did not realize it.  But now I know my true name and now I can see clearly how I need Christ and His work on the cross.

None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God.  ...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,  Romans 3:10-11, 23

My name, Sinner - it proof that I need Him.  Proof that my life is meaningless without His sacrifice.  I know that, sadly, my name is not unique.  I know that my name was given to me before I was conceived and that all those years I carried this name and never knew it.  I know it now.

I know that Sinner describes me perfectly - who I was and who I still am.  But it also reflects the glory of what Jesus has done for us.  He gave His life and through it, revealed to me my true name and the reason for His sacrifice.

He was handed over to die because of our sins, and He was raised to life to make us right with God Romans 4:25 (NLT)

Sinner is still my name and I answer to it, more often then I like.  Jesus' death though, has freed me from the sting that my name had brought upon me.  He freed my from the bonds of death that my name brought me.

Jesus freed me; Sinner. 

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57


Apr 10, 2013

1000 Words - A Visual Journal of the Everyday

Okay - so after my March 30 Day Photography Challenge - I feel that having the goal to post a photo a week is a good idea.  I like the motivation and encouragement of it.  So I'm starting...and let's hoping, sticking with...1000 Words - a series I hope to post once a week on Wednesdays.

I was inspired for the name by my friend Kendra with her title for her first post in the 30 Day Photo Challenge.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words - so that's my theme.  One post a week, no words just a picture, or multiple pictures, depending on how the day goes!

Basically it will be a peek into our daily life - a visual journal of the every day.

I hope you enjoy!



Apr 8, 2013

Liebster Award - part two

In my last post I accepted Stephanie's nomination for the Liester award and completed the first half of it, listing 11 random facts.  Now I have to answer eleven questions given to my by my nominator and then list the bloggers I have nominated and give them 11 questions of their own. 

Okay, so on to Stephanie's questions for me:

1. When did you start blogging, and why?
-I started on January 1st, 2010!  That's three whole years ago- whoa!  I started in WordPress but switched to blogger in July of 2010 (hence why my profile says Been on Blogger since July 2010)  I lost the first few posts and so my first post on Blogger is dated for the 21st.  You can read it here...it's not much and there are no pictures...I remember having written a really nice first post but during the switch from WordPress to Blogger it was lost - I was bummed...such are things in the tech world!  Okay, so the why...hmmm.  Well originally I was just curious about the whole format - I read my sister-in-laws blog (Stephanie's original Thirsty Soul blog) and thought it was neat.  At that time I also wanted to start a Christian Homemaking magazine.  I knew I did not have the money or resources to put one in print and so started an E-zine.  I had the blogged linked to that for a few months but gave up on the E-zine when I realized it was not the time for that in my life.  I kept the blog and have greatly enjoyed this creative outlet!!  Much more then I ever anticipated!!

2. Describe yourself in one sentence.
-sheesh...that's tough....can it be a run on sentence??  You know the ones with lots of dots....and dashes...you know - the ones I use all the time - because I really disliked grammar class and decided to blog so I can make up my own words and punctuate as I see fit!  Well here goes...you asked for it! ;)
"I believe in Jesus and I struggle to follow Him in faith each day and in every way - I love my family and dear friends and all things creative....I strongly dislike the restrictions of being confined to one sentence...and have been know to bend the rules on occasion."  :p

3. If money was no concern, what would your dream vacation be?
-Hmm...well my hubby and I are big road trip fans.  We love just loading up the car and going where ever the road takes us.  If money was no concern...I think we'd take a RV and tour this vast country of ours.  I'd love to see Eastern Canada and the prairies.  My hubby and I were out West shortly after we were married but I'd still like to see it again - see the Rockies and visit my sister!  Yes, a big ol' cross country trip would be great...and then onto Europe!

4. What's your ideal way of spending a Saturday?
-Well, start with coffee...of course!  Good coffee too! ;)  Umm...not having any plans is a perfect start.  There are many ideal ways to spend a Saturday....mostly just having no plans and letting the day unfold is pretty ideal for me.  I like to do something creative or have people in for food and fun.  Usually we have a big breakfast together and I read the free papers and look through the flyers.  It's my morning 'off' - where my hubby handles the bulk of the kid responsibilities and breakfast making.  Then my hubby and I talk most of the morning away and then see what the day brings.  So...back to the point, a day with no set plans is my ideal Saturday!

5. What's your go-to lunch?- Seeing as lunch is my least favourite meal of the day....I don't really have a go-to lunch.  I am usually found scrounging together a variety of things to feed the kids and I.  And since we have had to give up gluten...I like making lunch even less!

6. Fiction or non-fiction?
-I think fiction... but never a romance!!!  Though a good biography is nice now and again....okay so basically anything...as long as it looks appropriate and interesting.

7. You have a pet lizard. What's his name?
-Oh Steph - do you not know how terrible I am at naming things??? 
It would probably something stupid, basically the first thing that comes to mind...so ummm...Spot or Fred...possibly Humphrey...?!?!

8. When did you become a Christian?
-October 13, 2003 - yes I know the exact date....have I blogged my testimony??? I should...one day.

9. What are you afraid of?
-Only if you promise not to laugh and will never come near me with one...... earth worms!! Like blood run cold, terrified, afraid of them!!! Don't ask!  After that...falling from the sky in an airplane or going into water while in a car...*shivers* next question please...

10. Funny memory.
-I have three kids...I have no memory!  That's why I blog -write it down before it's gone forever!

11. What's your favourite season, and why?
-Fall - number one, for sure!! I love the colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and the smells, and the cool crisp air.  The bounty of veggies and the harvest of many of my favourite foods.  It's cool enough to really get cooking and baking again but yet nice enough to have the occasional meal outdoors.  The days are still long and warm but I can pull out my cardigans or my favourite blue trench....*sigh* just lovely!


Okay...that was relatively painless....so on to my nominees:

Bevy at Treasured Up and Pondered - I have been reading Bevy's blog for a few years now...can't remember how I found her but I am thankful I did!  She posts very encouraging and helpful posts on hospitality, homemaking and living for God. I am growing to know her better and enjoy all the things we share in common.  She and her family are a blessing to me and mine!

Lee Ann at Encouragement is Contagious - Lee Ann hasn't been regular in blogging since I found her, but I wish she would - I think the title of her blog is perfect because (when she does get a post up) I am always encouraged!!  She certainly has the gift of exhortation!  I also think she has a lovely artistic talent!

Being Happy - I thought about it...and to be honest...I don't actually know her real name!?!  Maybe she doesn't post it...either way, I've been popping in and out on Being Happy's blog for a few years now.  I find her a very honest and real blogger and her determination to 'be happy' is encouraging!

Debbie at No Spring Chicken - Debbie just sneaks in the having under the 200 readers rule.  I haven't been reading her blog for too long but I am greatly encouraged by her comments when she pops in on me!  She has a beautiful family and honest writings.  I think her photography is lovely!!

There's my nominations - if they chose to take on this award.  I have a few other bloggers I really enjoy but they don't necessarily comply with the 'rules' of this award.  But hopefully these gals will accept because I will greatly enjoy reading their responses to my questions!

Well Stephanie, thank you again - this was a lot of fun!!! 



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