Apr 10, 2013

1000 Words - A Visual Journal of the Everyday

Okay - so after my March 30 Day Photography Challenge - I feel that having the goal to post a photo a week is a good idea.  I like the motivation and encouragement of it.  So I'm starting...and let's hoping, sticking with...1000 Words - a series I hope to post once a week on Wednesdays.

I was inspired for the name by my friend Kendra with her title for her first post in the 30 Day Photo Challenge.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words - so that's my theme.  One post a week, no words just a picture, or multiple pictures, depending on how the day goes!

Basically it will be a peek into our daily life - a visual journal of the every day.

I hope you enjoy!




  1. Love it! The everyday...this will be fun to follow. And Joe is super-cute here!

  2. I just want to reach out my arms for that boy and watch his face light up. I think he is one of my greatest fans :P I will eagerly await your weekly photos. I want to do one a week myself, perhaps on Mondays...

  3. He's adorable. I love me a little bald head. :)

  4. Okay. I'm in!!

    Do we get to choose our own day? And what, add your button there, at the end of our post - like you did?? I like Friday's for this sort of thing. Some day's when I'm all out of words... just a photo is what says it best.

    You should do a Mr. Linky thingy... (don't ask me how to set it up - I've never done it, but wanted to from time to time)

    1. Hmmm....all good questions Bevy....Fridays might be a good idea...hmmm,- I've looked in the Mr. Linky thing before, I think I can get it to work - but not with pics just your post URLs. (the ones with pictures for links cost money now! :( ) Do people use the button thing...I can figure out how to have people link with it...I think... ;) Okay...I'll work on all this and get back to you...I think, for me, I'll stick with Wednesday (Friday's we usually have something on the go - Wednesdays are usually more 'everyday')- but I will give everyone until the next Wednesday to post their link (via a linky thing)

      I'm happy you want to join in!!!

  5. Nice ... glad you're continuing to post pics. It's nice to have something to post each week and I like themes. Glad I could inspire your title. :)


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