Apr 3, 2013

Birthday, Birthday and I'm Floored!

Phew!  That was a fast paced month, I'll tell you what!  Three days since the conclusion of my 30 day photo challenge and I have to be honest...I feel a bit...down!

It was fun!  It was exciting even - I'm usually up for a good challenge and this was surely that!  Kendra at These are a few of my favourite things - has made her own one photo a week for one year list...and I'm pretty tempted to join her!  I shall have to see...Wordless Wednesdays have always been a neat idea too....oh and on that note - I am not doing my Wheat-free Wednesdays.   I only did two posts, I think, in regards to it but realized some weeks I don't post and then you'd just end up with a bunch of Wheat-free Wednesdays back to back to back.  So if you are interested in any gluten free cooking or baking just pop on over to my Pot of Flours blog and enjoy!

So I didn't post anything else for the past month except the photos - but it was a busy and full month.  We celebrated my middle kiddo turning four.  Hard to believe!  I mentioned our little celebration day for her on my Bokeh (day 20) post.  But thought I'd share some more pics.

Ain't she sweet! ;)  So four!

She sure is my silly kid!!

But she is also my very sweet girl!!

It was a fun - indoor day.  Last year we were outside and she was in a sundress and it was warm...pretty much the opposite this year!  So we stayed inside, crafted, played games, movie watched and just celebrated her! 

We had a little party/get together planned for her. Just a little drop in for family to come and see her and say a "Happy Birthday" to her.  But I wasn't well, came down with a bit of a cold and just exhausted, so we had to cancel it.  But now she just gets to spread out her birthday for weeks and weeks! ;)

And I think she enjoyed her requested carrot cake birthday cake.  It was alright...I'm not much of a carrot cake fan...but the icing was pretty darn tasty - so it was all good then! ;) lol!!

After all that b-day fun, the celebrating wasn't over because my BFF turned 30!!!  I helped throw her a surprise party - and boy was she ever surprised!!

I have never done that before it was both super fun and a tad stressful!  It's hard to keep a secret like that - kinda feels like lying!  And I see her so often - that was the toughest part of the whole thing.  Not letting anything slip during all of our time together.  But it was a great success and I think she enjoyed it - and next up, it will be my hubby to hit the big three-oh!  Yup - I'm a cradle robber - he's a whole three months younger then me! HA! ;) hahaha!!

And so to end out the month and wrap up this post of random goodness.  We spent most of the Easter weekend - refinishing our old farm house floors!

Yup, we did it again - almost three years to the weekend too! Crazy!  We tore the house apart, crammed most of our furniture into either the laundry room or (oh joy!) the kitchen!  See, this is what a kitchen looks like with a giant sofa and a giant desk on end in it...this is also what our Easter morning looked like!

This time though, I didn't do any of the sanding but my sister-in-law's husband came to lend a hand to my hubby.  These floors were much harder then in our last house and the whole project took more time and more money then we expected but in the end, the results were totally worth it!!


We started on Saturday and moved the furniture back in on Tuesday.  It looks great!!  They have tons o' character!  I would show more pictures but I have just come to the conclusion that since we have been living here for 10 months now that I'll just do a whole house reveal/tour post on our one year anniversary - okay? Okay!

Anyways, it feels sooo good to have this project done!  It was one that both my husband and I wanted to complete, not just for aesthetics but because on almost a daily basis, someone was getting splinters in their feet.  It was bad - so bad that even the baby got one in the back of his head from laying and playing on the floor.  And now that he is on the verge of crawling, I think this will be much safer!

So I think that about sums up what I didn't post about in March during the 30 Day Challenge.  I'm really looking forward to nicer weather and for getting more practice with all that I learned during this past month. 

Okay...well best go make supper.  I've started walking with my neighbour after supper, just two days a week for now, so need to get the food going before I head out!




  1. I like this post and your nice floors. I kind of did that by including extra pictures I took during the month. Now, I have to get on my photo hunt. I chose shapes for the first week and I'm still looking for a good square. :)

  2. p.s. what program do you use to make your photo collages?

    1. I'm a Photoshopper! ;) (so that's Photoshop that I use) But I know you can use PicMonkey or iPiccy to get the same general effect.

      I guess there will be quite a few changes to our ol' homestead when you come visit next!! I'm really looking forward to your visit! Email me your photo list so I can join in!! :)

  3. BEEUTIFUL! I can't wait to see them in person! It will be so nice for you to have everything back in place and looking spiffy. Love you all, MAG


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