Apr 12, 2013

Have An Ice Day

This was our weather outside today...



Oh it was pretty - in it's own right...though I think I would have found it prettier in February, NOT April!  But lovely just the same!
It was basically rain that froze on contact - so we stayed indoors. 
Stoked the fire...

....baked some bread, to enjoy for our brie cheese and salami date night tonight....

...and thanked God for a warm, cozy home and all of our family safe in doors.

Have a blessed and joyous weekend!



  1. I was going to go with "It was Ice Outside today."
    Your photos are nice, it was a cozy day wasn't it? Pake used to say that our house on the highway was a little piece of Eden. You are blessed to be living in such a wonderful spot. Love, Anita

  2. Love the title! Cute. Your pics are beautiful, we had the same thing here in KS...Tuesday, it was 80* and I was running outside, by Wednesday morn, it was sleeting/raining. We ended up with over an inch of rain, THANKFUL! The bread looks YUMMY!!!

  3. WOW~~

    Ice is NICE!! and some really COOL entertainment - especially if you give your kids an ice cube, or two, to play with on hot summer days..

    But NOT TODAY!!

    It is pretty (beautiful) to look at.. but I hope it is soon gone for you. It's SPRING!!!

    Time to hang the laundry... ;)

  4. Great pics. Glad it melted quickly and I didn't have to scrape my car off. :)


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