Apr 26, 2013

Making Cents

Well, it's been a while since I talked cents - dollars and cents that is! ;)



Remember my post titled, The Buck Stops Here - well I had said I would post more on the subject - talking about how we are doing financially, money saving ideas and tips, steps for living a thrifty life and what have you.

Seems I have been awfully neglectful on this subject, so thought it best to post again and let you all know how things are going and get back into the groove of this subject.

First I want to say that God blessed us greatly after that first post - no, not with monetary gain or anything of the sort.  No; something better!

He sent accountability!


God gave us a dear family to walk through all of this with us, helping us remain focused and on task - I've been praying that He blesses them greatly for all they have and are doing for us! You know who you are - THANK YOU!! (but I've been saying that a lot to you, haven't I!?! ♥)

So we completed our month of no spending (a way back in January!) and it went well.  It was different and a great eye opener to the realization that, you do not need to spend money.  And as I sat to write this post I thought...you know I think it's time we did it again!  May might be a good month - we have our Anniversary and Mother's day - so other then those two 'events', there isn't a lot we will need to spend money on, so I think we should do another no spend month!  So pray for us on that, okay!?

How are we doing you ask?  Well; better.  Really!  For the first time in our lives I actually tracked our spending - for three.whole.months!  That's monumental people!!  We are paying off our debt and staying (mostly) within our means....it's a learning curve okay!?!


And to be completely honest - because that's just who I am - I have to tell you that I did not track the month of April *sheepish grin*!  Because of that, I knew it was time to get this post going! I fear we may be slipping back into old habits.  Getting lazy, not paying attention, living in the now a bit too much!

Most times, the fact that I didn't track April would de-rail me.  Cause me to throw in the towel and call it quits.  But I'm not going to!  I'm going to cut our loss, so to speak, and re-start with May.  I know that tracking what is spent does not stop you from spending necessarily - but I did find that the accountability was really helpful - much more so then I thought tracking our spending would be.

So back to that, this coming month!

Do I have any thrifty tips for you all?  Hmm...well as some dear friends of ours are discovering - when you have no money to speak of, you can get awfully creative!  The number of times when we were sorely without cash, it was amazing the ingenuity and creativity that the lack of funds brought out in us.  So I'm trying to do more of that, using what we have around the house to make do for what we want or need.  Remember my rainy day DIY? *wink wink*

I strongly encourage this practice!  I'll be posting a few more projects to inspire and encourage you soon!

We received our tax refund and we are still praying about how to spend that money.  My hubby has said that it will most likely go to the necessities of life - i.e. eye and dental appointments.  Not fun, but necessary.  So I don't think we'll be purchasing a van anytime soon.  But that's okay!  And, really, where do I need to go anyways?  Because as my youngest daughter put it, "We will never, never go to another park again. We got one here now!"  Because the Lord is good and used our kind neighbours to bless us with this:

It's an amazing, safe and sturdy play house!  I cannot get over just how generous of them this was!  They not only gave it to us, but spent over and hour bringing it here and setting it all up!  What a blessing they are!

So I think that sums up a bit of where things are at.  God has blessed us with some wonderful people and we couldn't be more thankful!  I'll try to post more often on this - it's real good accountability!  Plus, like I said in the first post, I want to use all that we have learned and are learning, to bless and encourage others!

Have a happy weekend and why don't you go partake in a free activity and then come back and share it with me!

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  1. Glad that you are guys are keeping on with this, it does take discipline! And happy that that finance program is working out for you, I know using it is what makes one of the biggest differences for us. I think you learn the most lessons when the money isn't there, and then the challenge is to continue those new habits when there is extra money because you never know what's around the corner. And accountability helps - if not to each other then with another family, as you said God has blessed you with. That's great!

  2. That's weird.. I just realized that now.
    Come to think of it.. I don't know if it came up in my reader/dashboard either. I think I saw your photos via facebook - but honestly I didn't open up your blog from there...(just scrolling through)... uhmm..


    Great read here!! That's cool that you have or feel you have accountability in your life...something I feel we're lacking in. ;)

    That is cute what one of your girls said about the "park" in your backyard. That's what our kids call ours too... The Playground/Park.
    Tell me again your anniversary date..?
    You know ours is in May. ;), too.

  3. You are so inspiring. Accountability is such a discipline in life and I like that you are so honest. I tend to do the same thing... really good for a while, and then I get tired and slack. Good for you for getting back on the bandwagon!

    That play set is amazing!!


  4. PS: Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  5. You can do it! Budgeting is hard but so worth it! I love the tinge of green coming over your fields. Hopefully I get out to see it in person sometime this week. Love, Anita

  6. Bevy and Kaitlin, that happens now and then on several of the blogs on my side bar. Not sure why.


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