Apr 16, 2013

Rainy Day Project - Kitchen Canisters DIY



That is our weather...but all that ice is gone - so that is good - now it's rainy... and gray - VERY gray these days!

So to brighten things up - I changed my kitchen colour scheme!  I have a bright spring green kitchen and was accenting it with a plum type of purple - but then I fell in love with pink! 

Mostly, I fell in love with these tea towels from IKEA.  As in brought them home, fell in love!  But then I had to find a budget friendly way to add more pink accents.  Now I did clear all this pink with my hubby first - and since it's only an accent colour he's okay with it!

Plus if I'm happy in the kitchen, then we're all happy in the end!



So this brings me to my much loved, kitchen canisters.

I've had these for a few years and I really like them.  But they just did not go with my new pink, floral feel. (if only all of my life's troubles were this 'hard'!)
So I gathered tape, scissors, glue stick, ink pad, letter stamps and scrap book paper, oh and coffee - of course I had coffee!
Simple and easy and about 20 minutes later...give or take - did this in between about a dozen other tasks....so not sure exactly how long it took - but really it was no time at all - my coffee was still warm by the end!

I basically just picked out four pages that matched the look I wanted.  I cut the paper to size, wrapped it around the canister and tapped it in place.  Then I picked more paper that I thought matched each tin and stamped the names on that paper.  Slapped some glue on the back of those and stuck them to the paper - voila!

I really like how they turned out!  Sweet and simple - country fresh - love it! (sorry for the bad lighting - rainy days do not shed much light into this part of my kitchen...and I was too lazy to find a better place to photograph these.)

I know, you are probably wondering why I didn't just take a picture of the rest of the kitchen, but I promise - one more month and then the house reveal - not to build up suspense...I hope to have a couple more rooms painted by then...but doubting that will happen.  I think it will be fun to give the ol' house tour one year later - it's definitely more 'us' now, feels like home - so I feel ready to show all of you.

Not that this home is done - nooo, many years yet to go on that - but that's okay!

Anyways, there's your rainy day craft - now get to it - let me see what you create on this rainy, blah day - let's brighten it up a little!



  1. Cute! And very spring :) I like the stamp letters - I looked for some a while back but didn't find any in my price range that I liked. Where did you get yours?

    1. Yes, very Springy - knowing me, I'll probably keep this only until our favourite season gets here - Fall! The letters were a Christmas gift from Dave - guessing he got them at Michael's?!

  2. Yay they're so cute! Perfect for your kitchen!

  3. It came through...


    I like em!

    A lot. Very cute.

    Good job.

  4. When did you do these? They weren't done when I was there were they? I love them. Glad it was sunny today.

    1. Haha, yup, they were done when you were here! ;) Yes, LOVE that sun today! :D


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