Apr 19, 2013

Sunny Spring Days in the Country Side

Well the other day the sun finally came out!  Okay...so that may be a tad dramatic - the sun has been out before but really, this year has been one gray year!

I think I've mentioned that enough already...just saying, when it came out we were ecstatic!  Hence the title for and all the sun filled photos of my 1000 Words post for this week - oh and there is still time to link up!  A picture is worth a thousand words - so post some photos, no words, letting each image tell it's own story, your story, of every day life!

So we got out doors - the wind was cool but the whole day was gorgeous!  We soaked it in!  The girls and I played and puttered about the yard while Joseph slept. 


I snapped most of the photos from the 1000 Word post then - it was just so nice.  And seeing as we were not living here this time last year, I was very excited to see those tulips and a few other plants poking their heads up through the soil!

So after the baby woke up, we headed down the road...

...to visit our sweet neighbours and see their new calves. 

The kids sure got a kick out of seeing that baby and they even got to watch it drink from it's momma.  But honestly - the girls were most excited about the barn cats!  lol!
At least Joe liked the calf!

We are very blessed with such lovely neighbours!  This family has lived on our road for two generations now - it's pretty neat!  They are the ones that own the fields behind our home and they really are so kind!
They also have a donkey...named Jack!

Oh it felt so good to be out soaking up the sun!  
After the kids were in bed, while the sun was sinking low, my hubby and I took a walk around some of our land.  When we moved here last May, most of the fields were over-grown so we really didn't get a good look at everything.
But now it's Spring and so we wanted to walk a few of the fields and see what we could see...

....needless to say, it was a perfect ending to a gorgeous day!
We are still overwhelmed by what God has blessed us with.  It has been a long hard road and I know there will be many more trials and testing in the days to come but we are immensely thankful for our Lord and all He has done for us!  We feel greatly blessed and undeserving but we know we serve a wondrous and loving God and praise Him for all we have!

 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through Him
Colossians 3:17


  1. You have such a nice property with great views! I bet the girls loved visiting your neighbhor's farm. Love their donkey!

  2. Beautiful pictures of your cute kids and beautiful land. So lucky! We would have to go to a county fair to see what you see at your neighbors!

  3. Glorious sun. I remember being little and living just a ways up the road from where you are now. Children and nature go so well together. Love you, Anita


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