May 15, 2013

1000 Words - Rainy what?





Homemaker Design



  1. Oooh love your rainy day photo, and your project! (which seems more fun than my cleaning plans for the day...although I do like to clean when I'm in the mood for it, haha)

  2. Today has been sunny here! After accumulating snow on Sunday, I'm glad. :) I really like your sewing project. It is very springy!

  3. Very pretty fabric! A little rain now and then is a good thing! Love you, MAG

  4. You go girl!! You're "sew" creative!! I'm loving that more tan-ish fabric.

    ((hey, thanks for fixing that link - up there!))

    Why aren't these other gals (above commentor's) joining in on this 1000 Word link up?? I thought for sure you would have a few more wordless moments going on by now. I'm teasing!, but weren't they all part of your 30-day challenge?? They were/are such good photographers...

    I feel funny I'm the only one participating... :)

    1. I LOVE that tan-ish fabric too!! I needed the springy one to better match my kitchen but when I saw the other one, I couldn't go home without it!! So I double sided my 'place mat' (basically I just keep it in the middle of our kitchen table for a pop of colour) so that I can use the tan-ish one in the fall!! (plus I have a good amount left over for other projects....I should have bought the whole bolt! ;) )

      No problem on the link! THANK YOU - for signing up! Yes, those gals...not sure why they aren't joining in! :P Party poopers! ;) Oh well - I'm going to keep at it. I like this 1000 Words thing - makes me stop and enjoy the little moments in life. Taking pictures of the everyday and just celebrating sweet and simple moments! At least, that's the idea! ;)

      Don't feel funny! Enjoy - and join in when you want to and when you can! I love to see your pictures!!!


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