May 5, 2013

Over Coffee

What is it about a cup of coffee?
It's comfort.
It's that kick start to your day.
It's double double, black, with cream, a half pack of sweetener...
It's the friend to a good read.
It's the only quite moment to yourself.
It's how company feels welcomed.
It's how the day winds down.
It's sitting....waiting.....gone cold.
It's a sweet aroma.
It's where I met my husband....9 and a half years ago.
 Over coffee is a wonderful thing! 

This Wednesday is our nine year anniversary.  We have plans to escape out of town, sans children, for a few hours.  My hubby has booked the day off of work - and we hope to do some shopping, have a nice meal together and enjoy each other's company....over a cup of coffee, or two.


It's amazing to think we've almost been together a whole decade.  Remember last year?  This post?  The one where we finalized the sale on our (now) country home?  Closing on our anniversary - eight years on the eighth then, and me, 33 weeks pregnant with Joseph and then the move loomed only two weeks later with an entire house still to pack - oh that was fun!

So a simple day of being together sounds refreshing!


There is just something about sitting with my sweet man, savouring a cup of coffee and just taking in the little things in life.  It will be nice to spend that time alone together - a little road trip is always good for the soul and the marriage!

And with nine years just about under our belts I feel we have gown so much.  Our love and commitment to each other is all the stronger for it!  In these past nine years a lot, and I mean, a lot has happened...want a few highlights?  Well here they are:

We met over coffee.  It was October 6, 2003.  We both wanted to travel across this great country of ours.  I thought he was a religious nut.  He thought I was much older and had a boyfriend.   We worked opposite shifts for the same sandwich fast food chain and until this moment, we had only had a few brief encounters, him popping in on me while I was working.  A week later I came to know the Lord.  Dave got a new job.  May 8, 2004 - seven months after that cup of coffee, we were married.  Dave moved into my apartment.  I was working two jobs.  Three months later we moved to another apartment. We got a second cat.  I changed jobs. I hated that job.  I quite that job. We took a trip to the West Coast to visit my mom.  Came home, two months until our first Christmas - hubby got laid off.  We had no work for our first Christmas together.  God blessed us just the same- it was beautiful.  I got work in the new year.  Hubby got work a few months later.   I got fired. We were told we might never have children.   I took some time away from working - helped an injured acquaintance and through that, learned how to use Photoshop.  I found work.  Met some great people there!  Bought our first vehicle, a Ford Aerostar, extended edition.  Celebrated our second anniversary at a beautiful B&B - an entire surprise weekend for me.  Road tripped to find the log house my parents had built that I was born in.  Got new landlords.  Bought a puppy.  Bought a house.  Found out we were expecting.  Gave back the puppy.  Moved, after almost three years from our much loved apartment, to our first home.  Renovated.  Renovated some more.  Met with some tough trials of life and marriage.  Had a baby.  Cross province road trip with a five week old.  Renovated even more.  And on a whim, listed and sold our house in three weeks.  Bought a house with no drive way.  My dad did not visit for a month, he was so angry about that.  He came, He LOVED our home!  We renovated...again.  A lot!  Hubby got a new job.  Job ended.  No work.  Hubby started his own business.  Did not go so well. We were expecting again. He then got work, then lost work....just before Christmas.  No work...almost lost the house.  God is good and work came.  So did our second baby.  We renovated even more.  God showed us the way to a parking spot for our house.  We worked on that.  Surprised at expecting again...sadden when it ended too soon.  Learned hard lessons and wonderful blessings.  Hubby completed online training to be a Home Inspector.  Ran side business for one year.  Then our dear friends accepted Christ.  We had a Re-Birthday party. I'm still smiling about that fact. Went through three sets of neighbours - all amazing, all missed!  After much renovations and hard work we had a beautiful home complete with a parking spot.  We though God was calling us miles away.  One night, hubby fell out of a chair and dislocated his shoulder.  So....we road tripped, across province again - with two small kids and a broken Hubby.  We readied our hearts to make a life altering move.  Things changed last minute.  The country side was our new calling.  We prayed...a lot.  And somehow, managed to renovate some more.  We gave it all over to God...all of us.  We were baptised.  We were blessed again.  A third baby.  We were determined to sell and move to the country.  We learned it was a boy, learned the same day the that Lord can truly give and take away.  We mourned the sudden passing of my dad.  We found our 'paradise'.  We bought and moved in just over two weeks.  Day after we moved in, hubby sprained his ankle.  Two weeks later we welcomed our third baby.  We raised pigs.  We ate the pigs.  And now we are almost ready to celebrate one year here in our country home.

So there are a few highlights from the past nine years.  Some of them you know, some might have been new and some I will have to expound upon another time.  I feel blessed, amazed and in awe of all these years have brought us!  We serve and worship a truly awesome and wondrous God!

And to think; it all started, over coffee...



  1. I love this post! I think I knew all of this but enjoyed the refresher :)

    So much fun to look back and see where we've come from, what God has brought us memories and difficulties. All covered in His grace :)

  2. Aww,lovely. So nice to watch you both go through all these changes. You are very special people. Congratulations!

  3. Ohhh, love this post. Love coffee. Love learning more about you and yours..

    Wouldn't it be fun to "officially" meet over coffee, too?

    1. When (and notice I said when, not if) you get here for a visit - there will be coffee! Lots and lots of good, strong coffee! It will be a grand ol' time! ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Coffee is wonderful. If I am traveling and I see a sign off the side of the road that says "hot coffee", it just perks me up. (the "Hot" really makes a difference to me!)

    You have a busy life..reminds me of the movie "Marley and Me" how you wrote that.

  5. The uniting beverage! Happy Anniversary! I remember when I met my husband in college 18 years ago.. made him a MUG of espresso and we chatted for HOURS ;) Been together ever since ;) It must be in the coffee :)

  6. Such a beautiful love story. I think May 8th is a wonderful day to be married. It's my birthday!


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