Jun 2, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

....that has yet to be seen!


This is my fist vegetable garden....or gardens, as we have three small raised beds.  After hubby assembled them, he went to work on our chicken coop and I began on the gardens.  The evening was slightly overcast, the air warm with a cool breeze that was very much welcomed.  Both to refreshed me and keep the hoards of mosquitoes at bay...for a time.


I went to the house to fetch something and as I was returning to the bottom of the hill where our garden was to be, I gazed at the scene before me.  Taking it all in I was both happy and saddened.

I was happy and yes, still in awe of the beauty all around me.  Of the wonder of the Lord's handy work and for all He has done to bring us to this place.  I was saddened though because these little beds had belonged to my dad.  He had only made them the summer before last, planting all sorts of garlic bulbs and very much waiting with anticipation, for the harvest.

After he passed, my step-mom decided to remodel the entire backyard.  It was going to be his next project, one I know he would have loved to have completed, so she got it done.  It looks beautiful - but there was no room for these raised gardens - so they came to us.

I was very honoured that she gave them to us.  They may not look like much, I mean really, they are nothing more then twelve pieces of pressure treated lumber but I couldn't think of a more fitting start to my (hopefully) successful attempt at gardening.

My dad was such an avid and amazing gardener and I know this was one area where I greatly miss having his expertise available.  So much knowledge, wisdom and experience.....


My mother is also a fantastic gardener, so I am very thankful to have her help and wealth of knowledge - I know we will be needed that!  Seeing as really we have no idea what we are doing!  Take for example the fact that my husband brought home these tomato plants.  Two trays of them, thinking that should do us.

My sister-in-law came by and took one look at our plants and exclaimed, "You have 24 plants here?!!?"


Salsa anyone!?!


So as I anticipated...though had hoped not, I felt both amazed at watching our first vegetable garden...take root....and greatly saddened at the loss I feel inside.

I've noticed that these pass few weeks I miss my dad greatly.  I miss his smile...more then I can say and I miss hearing his voice.  I really...just miss, him!  But my heavenly Father is so good to me!  He continues to carry me along, giving me His everlasting strength and comfort.  He daily reminds me of His great and perfect love and I feel both thankful and completely unworthy!

So I worked in my little beds, putting in the dirt, the peat moss, even a few shovel full of our own earth, some I had dug up from the yard.  I planted my little plants, digging in the soil, placing them in, watering them and then stepping back to take it all in.  And with a sweet sigh and a deep breath I gazed all around me.

How does my garden grow?  I think it will grow with much love, prayer, grace, time, and memories....sweet, beautiful, sad, honest, joyful...memories.

  I will turn their mourning into joy;    
 I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13b



  1. Nice little garden boxes. I'm sorry for the sadness...your dad would be happy to know you are making good use of what he built.

    And hmmm, I'm wondering how Dave's knowledge of gardening has faded with all the summers we had to help in our family's gigantic veggie garden growing up! But then again maybe he was off playing in the woods while I was doing all the hard work, haha.

    The good thing is I think you should both have natural green thumbs with avid gardening history on both sides of the family :)

  2. I love your little boxes. I was given three tomato plants - to plant. And where? I have no idea... long story. I need boxes... like yours.


    Right now they are sitting on my window sill - they need DIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lovely little gardens. You should plant peppers too! There is something wonderful about watching God at work, as our gardens grow and flourish. Bitter sweet because of your Dad, but he would have loved your place so much. Amos 9:14b " they shall also make gardens, and eat the fruit of them."

  4. Very nice ... Hope you have fun in your garden. :)

  5. Such a true picture of life... full of its joys and its pain. Enjoy your garden and the memory of your dad alive in the growing things.

    The first picture should be a poster with a caption... something about meager beginnings or something. The little raised beds in the foreground made small by the sweeping acres behind... just beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie


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