Jun 9, 2013

Sweet Spring Ramblings

So...I'm suppose to be editing photos from a wedding I photographed last weekend...but I'm not...not yet anyways.  No, I'm sitting here, gazing out upon our gorgeous view, sipping some chocolate chai tea and typing this post.  I feel I need to catch up with you all.

I don't think that I've had a proper rambly post in quite some time - so I'm going to remedy that, right here and now.  You might want to grab your own hot beverage - I'd serve you one...but you know...they haven't perfected the whole teleportation thing yet - so I digress, grab a cup of something hot and settle in.

Can I be so mundane as to talk about the weather?  Well yes, I can - it is my blog after all and besides, the weather has been fantastic!  Sunny hot days, followed by cool ones, chased on by rain, sweet garden, grass growing rain and then back to lazy cloud meandering sunshiny days again.  It's bliss I tell you!  Perfect Spring bliss!

Oh and those animals in my last post well the piggies - yes they are our new 'batch'.  Sweet little sister pigs - ooh, they are much more cute then our last bunch of piggies...oh dear - *sigh*  ah well...they'll have fun while they are here...and then they should be "market ready" come the fall.  Even though they are girls, my girls have taken to naming them Jack and Diggy.....!?!

And the humming bird, well that little fella just a wondered on in one day.  I had left the door open...we keep meaning to get a screen door, we do....but it doesn't fit in our car...anyways, I found he...or she, flying around my kitchen - and funny thing, I had no idea what to do. My first instinct was to grab the fly swatter - it honestly took a minute to sort out this in fact was not a giant bug but a tiny bird. Then my hubby came home and hopped up on a stool and caught it, quick as a wink.  I snagged that ever so cool photo (in the last post) just moments before he let the poor thing go.

Speaking of birds....

Yup, chickens are coming soon!  That's the chicken coop in progress. (With a couple of cute 'chicks' already cooped up in it!)  It would have been done by now but it was a fairly rainy week.  But despite the rain, hubby prevailed and has completed about two thirds of it.  Some very kind and sweet friends of ours are giving us - yes, giving us - 13 laying hens.  They just have too many and said that they wanted to bless us this way.  We are very grateful and thankful!!  And of course the timing couldn't be any better because the family we currently buy eggs from have to stop selling as a fox got half of their flock.

I have to laugh at how God provides even when you don't realize or expect it.  We had really hoped to get chickens this year but I kinda thought it wasn't going to happen - but hopefully tomorrow Dave will finish off the pen and we can get our birds before the week is out!

Oh how neat that will be!

And those two 'chicks' there - well these girls are practically living outside!  They are as tanned as a couple of Spring time country kids can be - even with the cloudy and rainy days - unless it's torrential, nothings keeps them from being outside.  That play house has been such a blessing!


As for my gardens - well I did pick up a few more veggies to go along with our 24 tomato plants. Hahaha - oh dear I better learn how to can this fall! I planted some of what I got today in the last of my three beds and now I think I will ask my dear sweet neighbour if I can borrow her tiller to till up a space for the rest.  I'll keep you posted on my gardening adventure - at least if nothing else, it shall be good for the experience!

I have to tell you all, I neglected to share with you, the joyous arrival of our very first niece - umm...back at the beginning of April! Oh, terrible I know!  My husband's brother and his wife welcomed their sweet baby girl, Aaliyah, two months ago now - and today they are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary!  Happy year for them indeed!  And my girls are very excited to finally have a girl cousin!

I just realized that I have posted a lot of pictures of my girls.  And so to round it all out, here's a picture of the two most handsome men I know, just because!

And well...that sums up a lot of these fast flying Spring days.  We have now been here one whole year - crazy!! I really wanted to post a house tour for our one year...but didn't get to it - so my plan
is to take some photos this week and share with you early next week.  One year....how...surreal! ;)

Oh and my baby boy is turning one year old in less then two weeks! CRAZY!

Okay...I'll leave it all at that...I've rambled enough for the night,...as well, I have since made a second cup of tea, turned back on a blown breaker, ignored the dishes, snapped a few dozen pictures, listened to something scrounging around in the floor boards...*eek*, got settled in my pajamas and took in more of this blessed breath taking view.

Thanks for sitting with me and I do hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Sweet blessings dear friends!



  1. I think your rambly posts are my favourite :)

    Your sunset view is BREATHTAKING!!! I usually sit on our deck with a coffee in the evening and watch the sky above our little square of yard...can't see the sun go down because it's hidden behind the trees. Can't say I would want to live as far out of town as you guys...but that view almost makes it seem worth it!

  2. Bout time Aaliyah gets acknowledged ;)

  3. Nice newsy post! Have you got a name for your homestead yet? Love you, MAG

    1. Ooohh. that's a good thought/question. I've been wondering myself... about a name?!?!?!?

  4. Well, I've certainly enjoyed myself - catching up on your "rambly".

    Great photos... all of the time.

    Love them.

    Love your stories...and the way you write.

    I love your Birthday card - you sent my way. Today!! Right on - girlfriend. Coffee and on the day. Loved it. Again. You're so talented.


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