Jul 31, 2013

Warm Up the Camera

Well people - I was scouring the net again...a.k.a. Pinterest...when I found inspiration for another photo challenge! 
I tweaked it just a tad and came up with this, ready??

Fun eh!?!

And I have that linky thing now, from my 1000 Words posts, so this time around you can actually link up yourselves, with pictures and everything - oh joy!

A few notes on the whole thing - if you have more then one kid feel free to take multiple photos, or just pick your favourite one for the day, or you could include all of your kids in one shot - it's completely up to you!  For those that don't have their own children to photograph, please, feel free to use others! ;)  Maybe you have nieces or nephews, or kids your help out with, babysit, what have you - it doesn't have to be the same kid each day - full creativity here people!  And for those with only one child - day 9 says, sibling but you can use a relative, like a cousin or someone like that- again, be creative!

The idea is not just about a wonderful way to capture your kids but also to continue to push you outside your comfort zone, familiarize yourself with your camera more and get behind the lens a little each day!

I thought August would be a great month to have a go at this.  The weather is usually pretty good, the kids aren't in school, or swamped with activities and they are usually around...and under foot!  So what better time to make them the subject of 31 days of photos!

Should be fun and I really look forward to what all of you come up with - that's right ALL of you!! ;)  If 31 days seems overwhelming then try what you can - but if you really want to learn and grow in your photography skill then I strongly encourage you to give it a try for each day!!  I'm not looking for perfection - just enthusiasm! ;) :D

And speaking of enthusiasm I'm kick starting this all off today with this photo:

Because there would be no challenge if it wasn't for us!


So grab those cameras, gather up the chillns' and lets have some fun!!


Jul 26, 2013

Beachy Keen

Oh how the storms raged here last week.  Everyday seemed to be filled at one point or another with dark skies, rain and wind.  I filled the bathtub to make sure we had water on hand when if the power went out.
Friday brought the worst of it - I had drove to the village to rent a couple of movies and as I was returning home the sky was terribly dark over home.  I turned onto our road and just then the wind picked up.  It was so strong that the large trees that line our way to home, were bending and looked as though they would touch the car!
I pulled into the driveway to see my husband dashing back from feeding the pigs, he ran under a tree and hopped up onto the porch.  I jumped out of the car, shut the door and as I turned to make my dash to the house I saw that in that moment the wind had taken down our sign post!
I met my hubby on the deck, he ran into the house to grab some plastic to cover the window in the chicken coop and I followed him in.  Plastic in hand, he headed back out into the torrential rain and I hear, "WHOA!"
This is was what he saw...
Half of one of our favourite trees was down!  The same tree, not moments before, that my hubby had dashed under!  The storm raged on, we put the kids to bed and it finally cleared - we ate our brie cheese on our "at home date night" out on the front porch and watched the blue skies and listened to the birds sing.  The storm had passed and other then the sign post and tree we were no worse for wear.
Then Saturday morning came - a glorious summer day, perfect weather, sun shining, cool crisp breeze blowing - oh glorious indeed.  Dave made his wonderful pancake breakfast that we all enjoyed greatly and as we cleared the dishes, I glanced out the window, taking in the loveliness of the day ahead and wondering how to spend it....mow the lawn, clean the chicken coop, organize the pantry...then, then we lost power!
Yes, on that glorious, lovely, not an ominous cloud in the sky day - we lost power.  So we did the only logical thing - we packed the picnic basket and went to the beach!


This provincial park beach is close to home and well, it's just about the perfect family beach you could find!  The water is shallow and sandy bottomed.  There is lots of shade, pavilions, a canteen, a great play structure and even those little BBQ things to cook up a meal if you want a hot lunch!

Needless to say, it was an easy place to spend the day!








There is just something about spending the day at the beach.   After hunkering in over our long cold winters here, I forget just how much I love going and spending the day by (and in) the water.  It is pure relaxation, sitting, enjoying, letting the sun warm my skin, feeling the fresh air blowing and watching as it moves waves to the shore.  The sounds at the beach are carried home at the end of the day and I often 'hear' them again as I fall asleep that night, the sound of the water as it crashing on the sand, children laughing, sea gulls crying as they snag and fight over a lost cheesy, people chatting and the wind in the trees.

I love coming home at the end of the day too.  Peeling of my semi-dry bathing suit and slipping into warm, soft, comfy pajamas.  The kids tuckered out and ready for a good nights sleep and myself relaxed, refreshed and feeling that all is well with the world...

I think there are many more days calling us back to the beach this summer!  The grass can wait, the pantry will be cleaned another time, the chickens won't mind the mess for another day but the beach, it's calling.  The days of littles and play won't last forever - so we will enjoy these long summer days at the shore line!

And speaking of growing littles,  how did my Olivia enjoy turning six you ask?  Well she had a wonderful day - with many a phone calls to wish her Happy Birthday.  And when each caller said, "I've called to wish you a Happy Birthday!"  She'd respond, "Okay, you can do that now."

We never did make it to the Chinese Buffet - but instead enjoyed her choice of steak and noodle salad for her Birthday dinner.  The weather was sunny, rainy, stormy, lovely and then topped off with a rainbow!  There was cake and gifts and the sweet celebration of our sweet little growing up so fast!

And on another note - I am ending the run of 1000 Words.  BUT I do have something else up my sleeve for August - a little fun before the kids return to their school work!  All I'm going to say for now is, get your camera's ready - we've got another challenge coming!
Until then, get out and enjoy this summer weekend - there are only so many left and the days, they fly by!  Blessings to you all - I'm off to pack the picnic basket!

Jul 17, 2013

It's HOT, So Hot, I Have No Coherent Thought!

Well, dear friends...I want to write something clever, I want to write something witty or enlightening...I'd love to give you encouragement or something to chew on - I'd even love to give you a laugh....but my brain; is mush!

Hot, sweat, slowly melting, mush!

The days are spent in slow, indoor, by the A/C unit, motion.  It's terribly hot here - I've had to finally break down and start watering my garden - I guess God was tired of doing it for me! ;)  Oh and I was awfully bummed when I discovered that racoons had eaten some of our corn! B.U.M.M.E.D!

My dreams of fresh corn on the cob, sweet and salty in gooey melted butter, dappled in crystals of salt, *drool*....so yes...apparently I thought about it greatly....so very bummed!  All is not loss yet but I worry they will be back and before the cobs ripen there will be nary a one left for us.....*sniff*

On a happier note - my eldest little is SIX!!!



We have a six year old....???

I posted this little image on Facebook:

*sniff* *sniff*

She's grown so fast!!  I've heard it said before and it rings ever true - it's not the age of your child that is shocking, it's the fact that you are a parent to that age of child!  For example, I'm not overly shocked that Olivia is six, I'm just shocked that WE have a six year old!!

So today we will celebrate our first blessing - the child that defied doctors words and has continued to do so!  Hubby has to work but we will spend the day doing various activities that she will pick, we will watch videos of her as a baby, if it's not too hot, they will be outdoors for sure and if it is, we will craft and play games by the A/C, there will be her Birthday dinner at home tonight - her request; steak and noodle salad, it will be followed by cake and presents.  One of her three loving grandmothers will stop in to wish her a happy birthday and celebrate with us and we will see the rest later on.  We will do lunch out this weekend at her new favourite, the Chinese Buffet in town and then on to the beach for swimming, sun and a picnic supper.  Sweet, simple celebrations for a simply sweet little lady!

Olivia is a sweet soul - that's for sure!  She's grown immensely this past year!  Physically, emotionally and even spiritually!  I believe this little gal has a heart for God - and I'm sure if you met her, you'd see it too!  She is joy in it's purest form!  She adores people - all people!  I don't know if I can give justice to describe how she physically exudes joy when she sees and meets people - she jumps, she claps and she just beams - it's slightly contagious!  She loves deeply and has a sweet sensitive side.  Oh she's not perfect - obviously - as of late she can be rather bold and even sassy on occasion.  She's confident and not afraid to give her opinion!  But she has such joy, love, caring and great biblical understanding!  She amazes me often with her understanding of the Word and it's teachings!  She's a blessing through and through and where I thought I couldn't possibly love her any more - each day I'm surprised to find I do!

So it appears I did manage to formulate some coherentness - mostly because I've wrote this while the day is still cool, there is a much enjoyed breeze blowing through the house and the sun has not yet warmed the air.  So I leave you now, on this good note of something tangible to read and I say, enjoy the day - take real joy in it - just like a six year old!

Jul 12, 2013

1000 Words - Oh Cananda, Day








Homemaker Design


Jul 9, 2013

Go On, Take the Money and Run

So a month ago...or there abouts, I last posted one of my "The Buck Stops Here" a.k.a. Money posts.  I also stated then that I would be showing you pictures of my house...because it's been over a year...well....you are going to have to wait a little longer.  I have a bunch of the pictures taken but haven't organized them for posting yet and also we just painted our master bedroom!  Shucks, you missed out on seeing our lilac master! ;)  Also...I picked up a gallon of bubble gum pink paint for $9.00!!!!  Paint and primer in one even!  Sooo, I may repaint the girls' room...but I will get some pics up one of these months days!  Not that, really - it's all that exciting but I adore seeing inside other people's houses...it's a problem...I should really go into real estate....then again...maybe not...so I'll have some pics soon, okay!?!

Anyways back to my post last month.  Well - that was interesting wasn't it!?!  I've had some 74 hits to date on that post - that's a fair amount for my little blog here...not sure the why of it - but that's the story.

I think some people thought we had lost it, thought we had thrown in the towel or figured we were just out to lunch - and for some people it really resonated with them, encouraged them and gave them a new perspective.  You see, the point of that post was not to say, "Hey, don't give a second thought to money! Spend as you please and God will take care of you." No, that wasn't it at all. 

The point...for I feel it might not have been all that clear in some regards - was that God will carry you through, anything, when you put your trust in Him.  But there are better ways to use what He gives, better ways to serve Him and better ways to handle the blessings and trials in your life - better ways then doing it your own way!

What the point of my Dollars and Dependency post was that in our lives, to date - we have had to fully trust God in this area.  Nothing of what we have is of our own doing and how I wish that message would translate into other areas of my life.  As I wish that I would take more responsibility of the financial area of our life.  See both need a little of the other.  I need to put more trust in Him in other areas and take more responsibility in our financial area.

So that all being said - Hubby and I have done some thinking, praying, re-evaluating and communicating and have come to a few conclusions for our life.

The most pertinent to all of you here, is that we have made a switch in regards to the one who takes majority of the responsibility for our financial issues.  My hubby, Dave, has prayerfully decided to take that responsibility off of my shoulders and will be managing our cash flow. 

I'm nervous...I'm scared...but mostly I'm relieved!

Neither of us is very good at handling money but for many reasons, this has always fallen on my shoulders.  But now Dave will take the co-pilot seat (because we don't want to remove God as our pilot! Amen?) and I'll just serve him drinks and those little baggies of peanuts! ;) 

So yes, don't think that I'm stepping aside and leaving it all up to him.  No, we are going to work on this together - for starters I have to help him even have a clue of what is where and other little things that he has never had to be concerned about.  We will be doing it together but I will (try) to leave it up to him to lead us in the area! 

And oh - I can see God is working on my dear hubby already - oh it's going to be an interesting and challenging transition and learning period!  Like the fact that he just got paid and we...kinda....sorta...forgot that he had only been working three days a week for the past few weeks and so with that not in mind - we might have gone shopping this past weekend...then taken the girls to their first theatre movie and then when we went to take a look at our bottom line in our bank account so we could purchase a nice new coffee maker...because ours spontaneously combusted - I. KID. YOU. NOT! and realized that the $60 maker....was not going to happen! 

Hello $20 Walmart coffee maker.

Won't that be a great daily reminder!

So yes, we are still on the road to learning to live with Godly principles when it comes to money.  We have lots of good biblical attitudes when it comes to money but the area of self control is really where we struggle.  We still want to trust God with our finances and how to manage them but we are slowly (apparently very slowly) learning the importance of having self control and being wise with this area.

So again - I covet any prayers in regards to this area!  I am excited and nervous for where this will all lead but I know God is leading us along and it's going to be an adventure, that's for sure!  And our biggest motivation?

These three little people!

We want to be able to pass on to them Godly ways of living - loving hearts, wisdom, self control - we want to be able to teach them what to do, instead of just what not to do!

So the journey continues - I'm always open to advice, tips, encouragement and even your own stories of learning to live righteously through Him.  And I'll continue to be open and honest in hopes of helping and encouraging others!

Well that's all for today - I'll keep posting and letting you all know how things are going - it should be interesting!

Have a blessed day!

Jul 4, 2013

Be the Moon

Have you ever considered the moon?  It has no light of it's own you know - the only reason we can see it is because of reflected sunlight.

In keeping with that thought....we are called to be a light, His light, in this dark world.  But do I actually spread His light around?  Am I the moon, reflecting the Son?

I want to be...and try to be....but wonder just how well I am doing this.  I believe that if you asked most people who know me, they'd say I was a decent enough person...most of the time. *wink*  But is that all there is to it? 

Not too long ago I heard this quote;
"The true measure of an individual is how he treats a person
who can do him absolutely no good."

It makes me stop to take measure of all 'my doing goods'.  Do I do them for Him or for myself?  It is Christ's light that we are to be reflecting - that perfect, self sacrificing love, light.  Jesus came and paid the ultimate price - and what could we offer Him in return?  Absolutely nothing, nothing good.....that about sums it up!  We are called to live as He lived - to love, with a dying to self, sacrificial, it's not about me, love - no matter who may be on the receiving end.

Yes, including that person who cut me off in traffic.

Yes, including that person who butted in line.

Yes, including people who play their stereo too loud on a Sunday afternoon.

Yes, even including the telemarketers.

How we respond to people is a reflection of who we truly are...or who is truly at the center of who we are.  The impression we leave with people is what speaks about our character.  And that should reflect Christ and His love.  Charles Spurgeon puts it well here, in a sermon from 1876;
I think you may judge of a man’s character by the persons whose affection he seeks.
 If you find a man seeking only the affection of those who are great, depend upon it he is ambitious and self-seeking; but when you observe that a man seeks the affection of those who can do nothing for him, but for whom he must do everything, you know that he is not seeking himself,
 but that pure benevolence sways his heart.

Our purpose in this life is to point people to Christ - to His sacrificial work on the cross and to His bringing of reconciliation between us sinners and our glorious heavenly Father.  Jesus told His disciples in the book of Matthew that we are to first love God and after that to love others;
Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?”  And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.  And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” -Matthew 22:36-40

It is our greatest calling, to love like Jesus loves.  To live this life fully and completely like Him, denying ourselves for the sake of others and to love them- no matter what they have done to us, can do for us or what it will gain us.

And I will say, it is challenging - it is why we need His grace...daily....hourly....minute by minute some days!  It is through His grace that we can really see people and love them, despite their sins - for we are all sinners, despite their short comings, for we each suffer in some way and mostly, despite ourselves.

I think it's why the moon has phases too, to better illustrate us as people and our attempts to live a God glorifying life.

There are times when we are strong in the word, walking close to God and being a full face of His glory.  We are a full moon, shining bright, leading others in the dark, pointing them right back to Him.  And there are times when we are either growing or decreasing in this amount of glory - shining not as bright but still reflecting out His light and love.  And then there are times, for whatever reasons may come, when our face is dark and we are not reflecting His goodness outwards.  It does not mean we are in the dark ourselves, having turned from God or anything of the like; it is just that we are not reflecting for Him, not sending His light out for others, not giving them the light they need to find their way in this dark world.

It is in these times when we need to refocus on our Light source.
Again Jesus spoke to them, saying,
“I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness,
 but will have the light of life.” -John 8:12

In these times of darkness, we need to remember it is His light that we reflect out - the only light that will light the way.  When there is no moon then it is a good time to spend seeking the Son.  All of our character traits, how we respond and react to others should reflect Christ. And as a moon we have no light of our own - but we can reflect that most glorious light - His sacrificial and unending love!  That is a light to brighten any darkness and the only light worth reflecting to people.

When we encounter others, be it in person, by phone, social media or a stranger passing by - we need to be the best moon we can be and shine that glorious light out to all of them. 

So go on, moon someone!



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