Jul 26, 2013

Beachy Keen

Oh how the storms raged here last week.  Everyday seemed to be filled at one point or another with dark skies, rain and wind.  I filled the bathtub to make sure we had water on hand when if the power went out.
Friday brought the worst of it - I had drove to the village to rent a couple of movies and as I was returning home the sky was terribly dark over home.  I turned onto our road and just then the wind picked up.  It was so strong that the large trees that line our way to home, were bending and looked as though they would touch the car!
I pulled into the driveway to see my husband dashing back from feeding the pigs, he ran under a tree and hopped up onto the porch.  I jumped out of the car, shut the door and as I turned to make my dash to the house I saw that in that moment the wind had taken down our sign post!
I met my hubby on the deck, he ran into the house to grab some plastic to cover the window in the chicken coop and I followed him in.  Plastic in hand, he headed back out into the torrential rain and I hear, "WHOA!"
This is was what he saw...
Half of one of our favourite trees was down!  The same tree, not moments before, that my hubby had dashed under!  The storm raged on, we put the kids to bed and it finally cleared - we ate our brie cheese on our "at home date night" out on the front porch and watched the blue skies and listened to the birds sing.  The storm had passed and other then the sign post and tree we were no worse for wear.
Then Saturday morning came - a glorious summer day, perfect weather, sun shining, cool crisp breeze blowing - oh glorious indeed.  Dave made his wonderful pancake breakfast that we all enjoyed greatly and as we cleared the dishes, I glanced out the window, taking in the loveliness of the day ahead and wondering how to spend it....mow the lawn, clean the chicken coop, organize the pantry...then, then we lost power!
Yes, on that glorious, lovely, not an ominous cloud in the sky day - we lost power.  So we did the only logical thing - we packed the picnic basket and went to the beach!


This provincial park beach is close to home and well, it's just about the perfect family beach you could find!  The water is shallow and sandy bottomed.  There is lots of shade, pavilions, a canteen, a great play structure and even those little BBQ things to cook up a meal if you want a hot lunch!

Needless to say, it was an easy place to spend the day!








There is just something about spending the day at the beach.   After hunkering in over our long cold winters here, I forget just how much I love going and spending the day by (and in) the water.  It is pure relaxation, sitting, enjoying, letting the sun warm my skin, feeling the fresh air blowing and watching as it moves waves to the shore.  The sounds at the beach are carried home at the end of the day and I often 'hear' them again as I fall asleep that night, the sound of the water as it crashing on the sand, children laughing, sea gulls crying as they snag and fight over a lost cheesy, people chatting and the wind in the trees.

I love coming home at the end of the day too.  Peeling of my semi-dry bathing suit and slipping into warm, soft, comfy pajamas.  The kids tuckered out and ready for a good nights sleep and myself relaxed, refreshed and feeling that all is well with the world...

I think there are many more days calling us back to the beach this summer!  The grass can wait, the pantry will be cleaned another time, the chickens won't mind the mess for another day but the beach, it's calling.  The days of littles and play won't last forever - so we will enjoy these long summer days at the shore line!

And speaking of growing littles,  how did my Olivia enjoy turning six you ask?  Well she had a wonderful day - with many a phone calls to wish her Happy Birthday.  And when each caller said, "I've called to wish you a Happy Birthday!"  She'd respond, "Okay, you can do that now."

We never did make it to the Chinese Buffet - but instead enjoyed her choice of steak and noodle salad for her Birthday dinner.  The weather was sunny, rainy, stormy, lovely and then topped off with a rainbow!  There was cake and gifts and the sweet celebration of our sweet little growing up so fast!

And on another note - I am ending the run of 1000 Words.  BUT I do have something else up my sleeve for August - a little fun before the kids return to their school work!  All I'm going to say for now is, get your camera's ready - we've got another challenge coming!
Until then, get out and enjoy this summer weekend - there are only so many left and the days, they fly by!  Blessings to you all - I'm off to pack the picnic basket!


  1. I love this post - your writing about the storm had me in nervous suspense even though you had already told me about what happened with the tree! And great pictures as always...I think the one of Joe laughing and dripping in water as Dave holds him up to the sky is definitely frame-worthy!! We will have to join you at the beach sometime :)

  2. Lovely as usual. Tell the girls that when Granny was as little as them, I swam at that very same beach. Some nights after haying, our Dad would drive us there. We would pile into the car and wait with anticipation to see the beach after the long curve in the road. Church picnics, family reunions, that beach holds some special memories.

    Olivia is getting so 'old'. She no longer has that little girl look, instead she looks tall and lean and confident. Where do the years go?

  3. LOVED this! Your beach day looked (and sounded) perfect. Your kiddo's are precious!

  4. love it all...

    I love Thunderstorms - but yeah, when they're that (literal) close to home.. yikes. Glad you all were safe.

    I'm not keen on beaches... but yours there kinda makes me wanna change my mind.


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